So it’s been awhile

I understand that I haven’t done anything on this blog, and laughed when I read a friends blog page (who also didn’t do anything for awhile) on her website that stated there are “blogging rules” and that you can’t wait for a long period of time to type anything. SO TODAY I AM DOING 2 blogs!!!! HA HA… Is that allowed??? My life has been soooo incredibly busy!! I started an internship her in town with the Fort Wayne Woman’s magazine. Currently I am learning to become an Event Coordinator!! Wow, can I just tell you how much i LOVE doing it too!!! I have done a few events, but hardly any on my own! This is so exciting and something so new, and yet I feel so comfortable in it! Also, the Hubby and I have been taking our “slu” of trips!! We went to Chicago with some great friends, Jason and April Ruggles, and let me tell you, I LOVE BASEBALL!! LOL… never did before until the Cubbies CREAMED the Flordia Marlins at the game we saw! It was such a close game, but so so good. And also, “Wicked” is a must see broadway play that has been going on in Chicago for who knows how long!! So fablous!! Even the guys digged it!! So thats what I go so far… more to come from me hopefully tonight….

Like I use to say, Love..peace… & Chicken Grease


One thought on “So it’s been awhile

  1. bradruggles says:

    Cherith…is that…really you????

    You came back!!! 🙂

    Jason told me about the fun time you had in Chicago. Lisa and I loved Chicago when we were there over Christmas and can’t wait to go back.

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