We’re back and we’re tan!!

… Well, more like I AM Tan and BJ is a nice color we will call red.  🙂 I love my hubby. Bless his heart, we have to put sunscreen on him like you would a child. Every hour or so and we probably should have used SPF 50. ANYWAYS… if you are wondering what the SPF is for, on Sunday morning at 9am we arrived back from our 8 day trip in Hawaii!! Yes, We visited the Big Island as well as Kauai “the Garden Isle” as they call it. What a beautiful place! I mean, it is truly paradise. I love going on vacations when its just that… a Vacation. You’re away from the world. Enjoying wonderful weather. Soaking (or baking) in the sun. WOW… what a time. Now of course, for those of you who know, I am a very blessed wife (or spoiled so BJ tells me). My incredible husband works so hard at ADP and with his hard work (and lots of praying) comes these trips if he makes his goals. I have traveled to more places in the last year, then I have my whole life. We feel so Blessed. More then Blessed really. Being in a Sales job you really have no idea what people are going to do. Everyday is not a guarantee. Anyways, we have been to some amazing places because of ADP, and we never take these trips for granite. Now, The Big Island isn’t much to look at really. It looks like the whole Island is under construction because of the Volcano’s. So its mostly black with barely any tree’s. The most you will see of green is North of the Island, and yes, that is beautiful. But it doesn’t last long. 🙂 We did see the Volcano of course. Right now it is erupting in a sense. Its smoking… a lot. We saw it and took plenty of pictures. And we also took a waterfall walk while we we’re there as one of our excursions. But those waterfalls on the Big Island were NOTHING like the ones we saw on our Helicopter ride in Kauai. Right before our trip it had rained heavily so there were over 100 waterfalls that were active. HOW AMAZING!! Now please don’t see this as bragging. I am still shocked that I was lucky enough of a person to see all of these things. The Shape of Kauai and the History it holds is quit amazing. Did you know that Jurassic Park was shoot there? As well as Raiders of the Lost Arc, The very first King Kong and many many others. Kauai is known for many things. Such as Na Pali Coast  we’re no one can get to by car. You have to get there by boat, horse, (walking if you dare), or Helicopter. It rains everyday but only for about 10 minutes here and there, you can tell the locals are very use to it. They will stand in it and talk. You can tell who are tourist because we run for cover! No building is allowed to be built higher then a Palm Tree which is about 4 stories at most. Kauai is Barely built up at all. Not as touristy with a lot to look at. In our winter months Kauai (and most of Hawaii) gets all of the Humpback Whales and I guess they get pretty up close and personal! The snorkeling there is like nothing I have ever seen. Fish of 10 colors, swiming with urgency and grace. SO BEAUTIFUL! Anyways… I love Kauai… BUT I would never live there. I guess you get Island fever for about 2 years, and then your ready to leave. I just have no idea how people live there. Their housing prices are out of this world as well as food and gas prices. Oh well, if you visit take more money then what you think you might need. Unless you plan to eat at McDonalds a lot :)… Ok.. enough of this trip.. Time for my next big event in Carmel. Tons of woman in 3 hours!!! WHOO HOO!!!

Pictures to come.. Aloha 🙂



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