My Home town… Fort Wayne Indiana!

There are a few things that you will hear a lot from people that live in Fort Wayne.

“We are nothing but Car Lots and Churches”

“We are one of the fattest and stupidest cities”   (I hate that one, but they say it)

“We’re nothing but flat land and corn fields”



OK…. That was just a few statements that I’ve heard the absolute most. Some of you that live here are probably laughing because you’ve said them yourself. Well, My blog today is to make people proud of the place they live. Whether it’s Fort Wayne, or LA… I’m making a statement.

Now, I work in the Hotel industry. Yes, I love it. But working there you begin to learn things that you didn’t know. For example, yes we have A LOT of Churches. But did you know that there are a few that are Historical sites? Or what about our famous 3 Rivers the St. Joseph, the St. Mary’s, and the Maumee? Do we even know the history behind them and what they did for Fort Wayne. What about the famous people in history where this was one of their land marks. Like Johnny Appleseed, “Mad” Anthony Wayne, and Chief Tecumseh. We have MANY museums that I’m sure people don’t know about. Nearly 10 in just the downtown area alone. We are the SECOND largest city in Indiana! Guess who’s #1… Indy! And people say there is nothing to do here!!! We have 2 malls with MULTIPLE shopping “stripes”, 5 walmarts, soon to be 3 Targets! Did you know that people who were trying out new resturants would put them in Fort Wayne First to see if they were good or not. The saying goes “if it can survive in Fort Wayne, it can survive anywhere”. We have So many High Schools ranging in different specialties and things that they “favor”. You name it we have it here. Concerts, baseball, football, basketball, shopping, housing of all shapes and sizes.  People of all different cultures, backgrounds, walks of life. Museums, movie theaters, restaurants for all tastes. Hotels and car lots on every corner. Churches for all faith, deeming us “The City of Churches”. Tons of events and festivals through out the year that we all look forward too. 3 Rivers Festival, Johnny Appleseed, Germanfest, Greek Fest, Rib Fest, and Woman’s Night Out to name a few. We have some of the best venues for Concerts some places being named as Number in the Country. We have one the the best Childrens Zoo’s in the U.S. putting it in the TOP 10 almost every year!!! Interested to find out your families history? Check out the LARGEST public Geneoligical center in the U.S. right here in our brand new Library downtown. Even the kids will beg you to take them because it free and entertaining! Even Famous people come through here. Harrison Ford (Club Soda is his favorite), Carrie Underwood, Ice Cube, American Idol, Bill Clinton, Martin Short, Rascal Flatts can’t get enough of us!, Chicago, Peyton Manning, Jared the Subway guy… SO MANY PEOPLE!!! Can you believe these are only a FEW great things about Fort wayne?? Bet you didn’t know that the washing machine, baking powder, calculator, juke box, television, breathalyzer, and refrigerator were ALL invented here!!!

We’re an incrediable city with incrediable things going on!

How well do you know your city?? Are you tired of the same ol’ thing all the time?

Try something new… a Museum… a restaurant… a new store… maybe a boutique or lounge.

How many Coffee shops have you tried? Or no name stores that are known by name and not by the TV.

Fort Wayne isn’t so bad after all. There are things that people don’t know about us that I BEG you find out more. If you don’t live here, I challenge you to find out more about where you do live. Maybe you’ll find something that you’ve been looking for all along.

Check us out….

I love my city,



2 thoughts on “My Home town… Fort Wayne Indiana!

  1. Devon says:

    You are so right. I like Fort Wayne alot. You just have to enjoy life and know people who really know where to go. It’s a great place to live

  2. bradruggles says:

    Ha ha, Great post Cherith! I had no idea you were so passionate about Fort Wayne! 🙂

    For me, I do miss the friends in Fort Wayne and that is the one thing that will always bring me back. But running a close second is my all-time favorite coffee roaster – Old Crown Coffee on Anthony! I still have not had fresh-roasted coffee beans that compare to them.

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