Happy Halloween

Today is a day that I use to never celebrate when I was a kid. We had “Harvest Parties” instead. And dressed up as bible characters. Or something that had to do with the bible. Like when I was about 5 or so, My mom dressed my brother and I up as Railroad workers with the dirty faces and all and made a huge train out of cardboard boxes. Can you guess what verse we where?? How about the one that talked about “train up a child in the way he should go…” Still, as of today I can not quote that verse all the way! Anyway. Today I actually dressed up as a butterfly. I tried out my creative side and this is what I came up with….


So… I’m sure there are some of you that feel differently about Halloween. You don’t like it or don’t support it. Well, Something has changed me in the way I have thought about it over the years. For the longest time I said I wasn’t going to let my kids celebrate Halloween. With the true meaning behind Halloween I actually think it’s been forgotten. Nobody cares any more what The phrase “trick or Treat” means. Or how or why Halloween was started.

This is my take on halloween…. Kids get to be something that their not. Something that won’t get them laughed at, but complimented on how creative, beautiful or scarey they are. Gothic kids can feel excepted and not looked at strange because of what they choose to wear. Young children are told to wear a costume and get tons of candy from people, when normally they wouldn’t from mom and dad. I believe that if Jesus was still walking around on the earth he would pass out candy too. He would dress up and welcome kids to his front door saying hello or passing a sweet compliment to a child who hasn’t heard one yet this year.

Can I tell you something? Halloween is more then just candy and scaring people. It’s about Love. Showing people that you are welcoming them to your house no matter what. I can’t keep my light out to children who don’t know. How would they know that I secretly prayed over my house and candy?? I want God to be seen in EVERYTHING I do. not just what I choose to do!

Happy Halloween… In a Jesus kind of way 😉



PS. I want to give a shout out to the really cool kids that walked around my neighborhood tonight. They were 4 high school guys, and instead of collecting candy, they collected canned food for a local food bank here in town. I think that was soo awesome and so thoughtful. That’s the kind of Jesus I’m talking about! (and they probably didn’t even know it)



I’m not that political but…

This guy is good… (please don’t post a comment if it is going to be negative. I will just delete it 🙂 )


So while I enjoyed a day off again today, I made COOKIES!!!! I have to say, I wait till fall to make my FAVORITE cookies. They are called Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies and they are probably the closest thing to being THE BOMB then anything else. My mom handed the recipe down to me, which she has had for quite sometime as well. (her recipe card is well used) These cookies are what make fall official for me. Opening the pumpkin, smelling the spices… saving the pumpkin to make something else… pumpkin… LOL. LOVE these cookies. I’m sure you are all curious to know what they look like! So I jazzed them up and took a picture! hahaha… Yes, I’m that proud of them (I know, you are all scared when I start having kids, me too!)




ALSO… While I was feeling a little bit like Betty Home maker.. I put together, what I think, is the smartest Halloween Treat ever. And I am determined to have all the moms loving me by the end of the night!! I decided that I would put together a snake bag of peanuts (or mix of nuts) pretzels, and SOME, but very little, candy corn and mini M’n’M’s. I know from experience when I was a kid, that the candy your children will receive will SIT AND SIT in your closet high up so they forget about it and it will be thrown away when next Halloween comes. (or you and the hubby will be eating it secretly through out the year, and continually remind each other that someone needs to throw it out.. But who??) Anyways, I took a picture of that too! hahaha…


What is your favorite thing to make for fall??

And then He spoke

Well, so I thought. I’m not sure.

See, I’m debating. Whether or not God spoke to me. Cause I thought he did. I thought his plan for me was clear. But then someone else “spoke”… and my thoughts changed.

Have you ever felt that way? Confident in what you thought God was saying to you… and then, It changes.

Usually, me and God are pretty clear. In a sense, I know in my heart what to do. Sometimes he puts you in uncomfortable positions to make you want to get out. But not this time. There was not discomfort, no uneasy feeling, just what I thought, was clarity.

But it’s not. Not this time.

See, here’s my dilemma. I’m in between what to do with my life RIGHT NOW. Not down the road. I know what God has for me down the road. This is just for now. I have a job that I love. The hours are not great, nor is the pay, but who cares?? When your in a “happy place” for the most part, all the time, you don’t question it. But then when the opportunity to have an actual career of something else that you love comes by, you want that too. I told my husband that I am to dedicated to, to many things, and therefore, I only want one job. Good pay or not. As long as I’m happy.

But what happens when your happy with both things. I got a taste of a career that I dream of, and I work at I place that I DO love.

Is God ever unclear? NO… we, as humans doubt or debate God when he speaks. The bible says that his voice is like THUNDER! And he does things that we will never understand. Yet, we think we understand and we know what’s best or whatever.

Anyways, God is speaking… I’m just having a hard time listening. Just because not only do I want what is best for me, but for my family as well.

Listening… we try, we fight about it, we contemplate it, we love it, we hate it… Listening is more then just hearing, BUT DOING. To make an effort to hear something. Effort… something done by exertion or hard work.

Listening takes effort, hard work, and an attempt to make sense of it all. And Doing something about it.

I’m listening, quitely, or loudly… how ever you see it… but I’m listening


I haven’t posted anything. Mainly because I have worked non stop and there are TONS of things going on. So I just have one request even if only one person reads this…

If you pray for my husband and I or would like to, please do and don’t stop. God is working up something for us and we want lots of direction and guidence. God has been so good to us and I just want it to continue.


OK, off to bed… it’s been a long busy day.


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better

I receive a package from BJ’s boss and it leaves us a little curious.

See, we recently went to Hawaii. But brilliantly before the trip I put a crack in the screen of our camera which left a “leaf” like bleed on the right side of our screen. It doesn’t effect our pictures but I have to explain it every time I hand the camera to someone to take a picture.

Anyways, Scott, BJ’s boss, made a couple comments about our sad camera. Well, he decided that we should have a new camera and sent it to my attention today!!!! Last week it was a free computer and this week I get a beautiful new camera



I think it is so amazing how God Blesses us. Is it because I’ve recently turned to the Lord with full trust and aww in him knowing that he is truly taking complete care of me and my families needs. I’m so thrilled and I can’t wait to post pictures up from this camera!!


Be Blessed… Cherith

Our Fearless leader

Oh I can’t forget… After a long and almost endless trip… Our Fearless and Courageous leader brad Ruggles finally passed out on our way home…



(on an honest note, I LOVED hanging out with the Ruggles this weekend!! We love you both so much)

Cherry 😉


Ok… so it has been a few days since Catalyst so I am going to explain my week (weekend) quickly. 🙂

NEVER have I been to such an amazing conference that opened my eyes to multiple things. God used every person that spoke, sang, taught, entertained… you name it, God used it. There are things to leadership that are important to understand. Like knowing your calling but not getting upset because God Hasn’t placed you there just yet. Knowing that the people ALL AROUND you are influenced by your daily life in your “tribes” (by Seth Godin). Making sure that you are right with the Lord first before you go out there and lead. Always making sure that you are putting your family first before your ministry.

There were also a few things that were brought to my attention as far as the world is concerned. There are so many things around us that are happening, and yet there are so many ways that we can help. The first that comes to mind it TOMS Shoes. If you buy ONE pair of these shoes, you are providing a pair of shoes for someone else who actually needs them. Or my favorite, buying this really cool bag that will feed and educate a child for a WHOLE YEAR!! (www.tomsshoes.com) You can also support a child with Compassion International for only $35 a month and this will provide them with two healthy meals a day, with also letters back and forth that are not only encouraging to the child but to your family as well. (www.compassion.com)

There are also a few large organizations that are happening RIGHT NOW that are so simple to get involved with one is call CALL+RESPONSE. It’s about bring awarness to the many Child Slavery project, Child Labor and sex slaves that are all around us. There are many ways of getting involved with out even spending a dime if you choose. My friend Brad Ruggles provided great information about this check it out at www.bradruggles.com

And last but not least Good Ol’ Jeff Foxworthy as well as his good friend Lanny Donoho but together an organization called 410 Bridge to bring awareness to Africa. www.410bridge.com


Today is not just a post to link everyone with other links and to become aware of the world. Although I think that it’s highly important. Because who are we to complain about how much we make or what we don’t have when there are millions of people in the world that would love to have a meal 3 times a day. Or a cheap T shirt that fits. Being a leader doesn’t just mean in your community or church but also in the world.

Guess that wasn’t short after all… sorry, got into a little rampage… 🙂

Love to all,


Oh Happy day

Fokes… never in my life have I ever won anything. And right at this moment I am typing on and using our brand new Computer Compaq that we (my husband really) just won by a simple drowing out of 12,000 leaders at Catalyst that I’m sure they all tried to win also.  They were so many different people at the conference trying to get you to sign up to win. “just write down your info and get a free T, a free book… free this… free that… Win an iPod, when a camara, win a Computer”…. AND WOULDN’T YOU KNOW…


Ok, more on catalyst later… time to hit the road we will be home tomorrow…




I am a Taurus

I just received this in an email…

Aggressive.  Loves being in long relationships.  Likes to give a good fight for what they want.  Extremely outgoing.  Loves to help people in times of need. Good kisser.  Good personality.  Stubborn.  A caring person.  One of a kind.  Not one to mess with.  Are the most attractive people on earth! 


OK.. we all get curious about this stuff. How weird is it that this discribes me to a “T”. (except for the kissing thing, you’ll have to ask my husband!) I just don’t know how I feel about reading horoscopes. Being a christian we know that fortune tellers are not of God and something that we should not rely on. Only God knows my future…

BUT… there is this side of me that thinks these people are up to something. Do they just talk to a bunch of people with the same birthday range and ask them a bunch of questions and just come up with this theory? What about the horoscopes that tell you whats going to happen to you that day or month! How do they figure out what to put there?? “Well today I think I am going to tell the “taurus” that they will find the job they desire and they will have to work hard”  or whatever… Why do we see these things in mostly woman magazines? Is it because we are so into the fact that we have to know whats going on, so the possiblity of a small glimps into our future would bring some what of a highlight to our day….

I am guilty of reading these things. Sometimes I laugh at what they say and sometimes I am so surprised about how true to life they are.

How do you feel about horoscopes? Are you guilty of reading them?