Good-Bye Summer… Hello Bon Fires!

This year I think summer went by to quickly. For some reason, summers are just not like what they use to be. Having a full time job and a few things on the side, I had no time to fully enjoy summer this year. Now, I know BJ and I took a vacation this year, and it was much needed, but it’s not like going to the lake all the time, summer camp with your friends, tons of cook outs at friends houses.. Ah, what a time!

BUT fall!! Can you believe its here!? Even though I have to wear stuffy sweaters, and freeze in my house (I have a money saving husband) :). I love Fall!!! Tonight I get to finally experience fall with my first Hog Roast of the year! I am sooo excited. It involves tons of people, food and a live band! My dearest friend from where I use to work is brilliantly in his 50 and plays a mean bass guitar with a great tenor voice. Him and his friends of many years have a fantastic Band called “City Lights”. Anyways, what a great way to start off the fall year with a huge hog roast (literally, they buy a pig, get out an enormous roaster and have food to feed us all! YUM!) I love a great band and wonderful food all on a chilly night. Then before you know it, all the haunted houses open, tricker treaters arrive, then Thanksgiving, eating more food, doing some hayrides… then comes winter. MAN…. I can’t believe it’s October!

What are some things you are looking forward too for fall?