I am a Taurus

I just received this in an email…

Aggressive.  Loves being in long relationships.  Likes to give a good fight for what they want.  Extremely outgoing.  Loves to help people in times of need. Good kisser.  Good personality.  Stubborn.  A caring person.  One of a kind.  Not one to mess with.  Are the most attractive people on earth! 


OK.. we all get curious about this stuff. How weird is it that this discribes me to a “T”. (except for the kissing thing, you’ll have to ask my husband!) I just don’t know how I feel about reading horoscopes. Being a christian we know that fortune tellers are not of God and something that we should not rely on. Only God knows my future…

BUT… there is this side of me that thinks these people are up to something. Do they just talk to a bunch of people with the same birthday range and ask them a bunch of questions and just come up with this theory? What about the horoscopes that tell you whats going to happen to you that day or month! How do they figure out what to put there?? “Well today I think I am going to tell the “taurus” that they will find the job they desire and they will have to work hard”  or whatever… Why do we see these things in mostly woman magazines? Is it because we are so into the fact that we have to know whats going on, so the possiblity of a small glimps into our future would bring some what of a highlight to our day….

I am guilty of reading these things. Sometimes I laugh at what they say and sometimes I am so surprised about how true to life they are.

How do you feel about horoscopes? Are you guilty of reading them?


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