Oh Happy day

Fokes… never in my life have I ever won anything. And right at this moment I am typing on and using our brand new Computer Compaq that we (my husband really) just won by a simple drowing out of 12,000 leaders at Catalyst that I’m sure they all tried to win also.  They were so many different people at the conference trying to get you to sign up to win. “just write down your info and get a free T, a free book… free this… free that… Win an iPod, when a camara, win a Computer”…. AND WOULDN’T YOU KNOW…


Ok, more on catalyst later… time to hit the road we will be home tomorrow…





2 thoughts on “Oh Happy day

  1. Devon says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I too have a new computer. I bought a (basically/literally) brand new gateway for 300 bucks! Def. a blessing from God! THat is SO awesome. We missed you guys today at church.

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