Ok… so it has been a few days since Catalyst so I am going to explain my week (weekend) quickly. 🙂

NEVER have I been to such an amazing conference that opened my eyes to multiple things. God used every person that spoke, sang, taught, entertained… you name it, God used it. There are things to leadership that are important to understand. Like knowing your calling but not getting upset because God Hasn’t placed you there just yet. Knowing that the people ALL AROUND you are influenced by your daily life in your “tribes” (by Seth Godin). Making sure that you are right with the Lord first before you go out there and lead. Always making sure that you are putting your family first before your ministry.

There were also a few things that were brought to my attention as far as the world is concerned. There are so many things around us that are happening, and yet there are so many ways that we can help. The first that comes to mind it TOMS Shoes. If you buy ONE pair of these shoes, you are providing a pair of shoes for someone else who actually needs them. Or my favorite, buying this really cool bag that will feed and educate a child for a WHOLE YEAR!! ( You can also support a child with Compassion International for only $35 a month and this will provide them with two healthy meals a day, with also letters back and forth that are not only encouraging to the child but to your family as well. (

There are also a few large organizations that are happening RIGHT NOW that are so simple to get involved with one is call CALL+RESPONSE. It’s about bring awarness to the many Child Slavery project, Child Labor and sex slaves that are all around us. There are many ways of getting involved with out even spending a dime if you choose. My friend Brad Ruggles provided great information about this check it out at

And last but not least Good Ol’ Jeff Foxworthy as well as his good friend Lanny Donoho but together an organization called 410 Bridge to bring awareness to Africa.


Today is not just a post to link everyone with other links and to become aware of the world. Although I think that it’s highly important. Because who are we to complain about how much we make or what we don’t have when there are millions of people in the world that would love to have a meal 3 times a day. Or a cheap T shirt that fits. Being a leader doesn’t just mean in your community or church but also in the world.

Guess that wasn’t short after all… sorry, got into a little rampage… 🙂

Love to all,



2 thoughts on “Catalyst

  1. bradruggles says:

    Isn’t it encouraging to find simple little ways we can make a difference in the word around us? I think God has called us to not just live passively but to be active in our faith and to leave a mark on our culture.

    Speaking of living out our faith, remind me to tell you a name for our new church that Lisa and I came up with this morning…

  2. caitlin says:

    Thanks so much for sharing TOMS Shoes with your readers! Catalyst sounds like an amazing conference, did you get a chance to stop by the Social Justice tent and chat with Carlos from TOMS? I’d love to send you a copy of our documentary, will you email me your mailing address?

    Take care,

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