Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better

I receive a package from BJ’s boss and it leaves us a little curious.

See, we recently went to Hawaii. But brilliantly before the trip I put a crack in the screen of our camera which left a “leaf” like bleed on the right side of our screen. It doesn’t effect our pictures but I have to explain it every time I hand the camera to someone to take a picture.

Anyways, Scott, BJ’s boss, made a couple comments about our sad camera. Well, he decided that we should have a new camera and sent it to my attention today!!!! Last week it was a free computer and this week I get a beautiful new camera



I think it is so amazing how God Blesses us. Is it because I’ve recently turned to the Lord with full trust and aww in him knowing that he is truly taking complete care of me and my families needs. I’m so thrilled and I can’t wait to post pictures up from this camera!!


Be Blessed… Cherith