So while I enjoyed a day off again today, I made COOKIES!!!! I have to say, I wait till fall to make my FAVORITE cookies. They are called Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies and they are probably the closest thing to being THE BOMB then anything else. My mom handed the recipe down to me, which she has had for quite sometime as well. (her recipe card is well used) These cookies are what make fall official for me. Opening the pumpkin, smelling the spices… saving the pumpkin to make something else… pumpkin… LOL. LOVE these cookies. I’m sure you are all curious to know what they look like! So I jazzed them up and took a picture! hahaha… Yes, I’m that proud of them (I know, you are all scared when I start having kids, me too!)




ALSO… While I was feeling a little bit like Betty Home maker.. I put together, what I think, is the smartest Halloween Treat ever. And I am determined to have all the moms loving me by the end of the night!! I decided that I would put together a snake bag of peanuts (or mix of nuts) pretzels, and SOME, but very little, candy corn and mini M’n’M’s. I know from experience when I was a kid, that the candy your children will receive will SIT AND SIT in your closet high up so they forget about it and it will be thrown away when next Halloween comes. (or you and the hubby will be eating it secretly through out the year, and continually remind each other that someone needs to throw it out.. But who??) Anyways, I took a picture of that too! hahaha…


What is your favorite thing to make for fall??