Happy Halloween

Today is a day that I use to never celebrate when I was a kid. We had “Harvest Parties” instead. And dressed up as bible characters. Or something that had to do with the bible. Like when I was about 5 or so, My mom dressed my brother and I up as Railroad workers with the dirty faces and all and made a huge train out of cardboard boxes. Can you guess what verse we where?? How about the one that talked about “train up a child in the way he should go…” Still, as of today I can not quote that verse all the way! Anyway. Today I actually dressed up as a butterfly. I tried out my creative side and this is what I came up with….


So… I’m sure there are some of you that feel differently about Halloween. You don’t like it or don’t support it. Well, Something has changed me in the way I have thought about it over the years. For the longest time I said I wasn’t going to let my kids celebrate Halloween. With the true meaning behind Halloween I actually think it’s been forgotten. Nobody cares any more what The phrase “trick or Treat” means. Or how or why Halloween was started.

This is my take on halloween…. Kids get to be something that their not. Something that won’t get them laughed at, but complimented on how creative, beautiful or scarey they are. Gothic kids can feel excepted and not looked at strange because of what they choose to wear. Young children are told to wear a costume and get tons of candy from people, when normally they wouldn’t from mom and dad. I believe that if Jesus was still walking around on the earth he would pass out candy too. He would dress up and welcome kids to his front door saying hello or passing a sweet compliment to a child who hasn’t heard one yet this year.

Can I tell you something? Halloween is more then just candy and scaring people. It’s about Love. Showing people that you are welcoming them to your house no matter what. I can’t keep my light out to children who don’t know. How would they know that I secretly prayed over my house and candy?? I want God to be seen in EVERYTHING I do. not just what I choose to do!

Happy Halloween… In a Jesus kind of way 😉



PS. I want to give a shout out to the really cool kids that walked around my neighborhood tonight. They were 4 high school guys, and instead of collecting candy, they collected canned food for a local food bank here in town. I think that was soo awesome and so thoughtful. That’s the kind of Jesus I’m talking about! (and they probably didn’t even know it)



One thought on “Happy Halloween

  1. bradruggles says:

    Way to go Cherith!

    First of all, beautiful costume. Your creativity continues to amaze me.

    Second, I couldn’t agree with you more about letting Jesus be seen in everything we say and do. I think Halloween is a wonderful time to do this.

    Chloe & Emily had so much fun trick-or-treating tonight. This was their first time actually going out to trick-or-treat. In the past we’ve just passed out candy. We have some adorable pictures from tonight.

    Keep up the great work Cherry. Your posts just keep getting better and better.

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