Coming to a blog near you

Ladies and gentlemen… i will be taking a short break from the blog world because I believe God has something sturring up in me that I can’t wait to share. (but I want it to be just right)


Please stick tune and don’t loose hope… It’s gonna be good


Love, Peace and Chicken grease…

Cherith Brook


Soles 4 Souls

So how many pairs of shoes do you own? 2… 3… or maybe about 10 but you really only wear 2?! I have to admit, I have TONS of shoes. Shoes that I would never even wear anymore but think I might someday.

What would you do if you knew you could buy a pair of shoes for just $5!? If you are like me, I would go crazy!!! I would buy shoes for every phase of life….

WELL GUESS WHAT???? Today is your lucky day!!! You can purchase 2 PAIRS of shoes for just $5!!!! And you know what’s even better. YOU DON’T GET THEM!!!! Thats right. Instead of adding to your collection, you can help someone else across the world that actually doesn’t own one single pair of shoes for just $5.

There are so many children around the world that does not have a pair of shoes to get them to school, or for people to go to work. walking in the most horrible situations. Glass, stone, even diseases.

Soles 4 Souls have a goal to purchase 50,000 in just 50 days. I know that I don’t get tons of readers, but PLEASE be of good service and donate just $5. Skip your starbucks run today, or your happy meal…. People need us. I know we can do it!! I am.. and I’m broke!!! hahaha….

just click here if you want to donate. This website will also give you the tools to help spread the word if you feel like this is something you should post on your blog!

You can also get more information by Checking out my good Friend Brad Ruggles blog if I didn’t give you enough information!



Thanks so much.. and enjoy your shoes!

I’m sick

Literally… I hate being sick. It ruins everything. I’m mopey, don’t want to do much of anything… sneezing like a crazy person, can’t breathe, can’t sleep.. just gross all around. Why do I have to get sick. I have no time for sickness. I don’t like going home from work early because it makes me feel unaccomplished, or not a good co-worker. But What good am I if I keep zoning out and blowing my nose all over the place???


Well… I will get over this. And hopefully before Thanksgiving. Everyone that I’ve talked to that has gotten sick like this said it last for weeks.. I’m speaking against that. My poor husband won’t like me much longer! LOL… (just kidding, he’s a great help. He is just shoving vitamins down my throat!)

Look on the bright side… At least the Colts Won!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!


Good night

Starbucks… my secret sin

Coffee Maniac

I don’t know about you, but I love a good cup of coffee. In the morning, mid-day… late at night. I don’t care, it’s always good. I have begun to even like my coffee even with some simple cream and sugar. No matter how you take it, black or white (that’s a lot of cream lol), Coffee has many GOOD benefits for you AND your health.

Lets get started. Back in the day (like way back) coffee was discovered by some goats. No really, they ate the mysterious “cherries” and they began to “dance” as their Shepard’s described. From that came the need for coffee. It spread from Ethiopia and all over Europe. Once the Pope deemed coffee as the “Christian drink”, then from there the first coffee house open in 1645 in Italy.

Now that you are entertained by my knowledge (all thanks to the Wikipedia), lets give you some health facts. Did you know that the people that drink about 2 cups of coffee a day will less likely be depressed? Studies show that it boost your mood and reduces the risk of some cancers. And also, what’s a better excuse to hang out with your friends, and all at a coffee shop. Local or name brand, coffee does something good for us all.

Now, don’t go drinking 5 sups of coffee thinking your going to save your life. Consuming more then 3 cups can be a negative thing. especially if you are a “fancy” coffee drinker. The more sugars and things you put in it, the less healthy it becomes. Like my favorite Starbuck drink has over 300 calories in just a Tall size. That’s the amount of calories I try to have in one meal!!! So be sensible. Coffee is good for you. But in a controlled atmosphere. 🙂

Interested in more coffee info.. check this out

My first time

I voted for the first time in my life… and it wasn’t that exciting. I’m a little nervous of this election. I know God’s in complete control no matter what. But in honor of voting, I am posting this video… it’s funny

Guilty Pleasures

So, today… while folding laundry, I watched Moulin Rouge. It’s a crazy movie with Nicole Kidman and Ewen McGregor. Lots of singing and dancing… and silly make up and outfits.. but watching it today made me remember how much I enjoy it.

Wow… This movie is horrible in a millions ways, but so enjoyable in a million others. A lot of people that I talked to about it when it first came out all hated it. No one really got it and didn’t understand how to enjoy something like that. Honestly, The music and dancing is what did it for me. Any movie with great dancing and singing will win me over. Like Chicago. Horrible movie as far as plots are concerned. But great with music and dance scenes.

Anyway. If you haven’t seen it, your not missing out. Really. I loved it, but most people don’t. lol… so I’m just being honest and real. It’s just about women that entertain rich men at night. But one man is a writer and meets the main character Satine. They fall in love and then she dies. LOL… the music is far from original, just stolen from other artist that just so happens to match the scenes. I love the dancing, and honestly, Ewen and Nicole are impressive singers.

So that was my guilty pleasure for today… whats yours?