I’m sick

Literally… I hate being sick. It ruins everything. I’m mopey, don’t want to do much of anything… sneezing like a crazy person, can’t breathe, can’t sleep.. just gross all around. Why do I have to get sick. I have no time for sickness. I don’t like going home from work early because it makes me feel unaccomplished, or not a good co-worker. But What good am I if I keep zoning out and blowing my nose all over the place???


Well… I will get over this. And hopefully before Thanksgiving. Everyone that I’ve talked to that has gotten sick like this said it last for weeks.. I’m speaking against that. My poor husband won’t like me much longer! LOL… (just kidding, he’s a great help. He is just shoving vitamins down my throat!)

Look on the bright side… At least the Colts Won!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!


Good night


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