This guy named “Bill”

So this isn’t the post that I have up my sleeve.. but timing is not there yet so I am going to share something else. (and besides, I just can’t get away from this blogging thing)


OK… as you have learned I work at a Hotel. I personally think it’s the best Hotel in Fort Wayne. Although we may not be a Conrad Hilton or something else super fancy, we are a beautiful hotel located in the heart of downtown. But with being located downtown we have our “regulars” that come in off of the street filling out applications thinking they will get a job at a place like this. Although we have a no-discriminating policy, we are still a little picky on who we bring in.

Well, working at the front desk you see them all. Homeless, on house arrest, young, old, people that smell like alcohol or weed… the works. I have to admit, it gets irritating. EVERYONE wants an application and some people will come in every week filling out a new one. We’re also nitourious for getting homeless people sleeping in random spots or using our bathroom as their personal shower. So as you can tell, I really do see it all.

You can only imagine that being like Jesus on a regular basis is difficult. And yesterday I was put to the test.

Sometimes, we get people that are just… strange. They will linger around the hotel, sitting down watching people, fill out an application that takes them an hour (literally), using our bathroom, asking questions about the hotel… anything to keep them in there longer. And yesterday was my turn for a guy like that.

Today we’ll name him… Bill. He looked like a Bill, older, short, glasses, gray hair and slow to speak. Bill came off of the street. As soon as he walked up to the counter I knew what he wanted. Thus, my start of judging. He had a strange sense about him. Very slow moving, slow speaking asking a lot of questions. I don’t remember much of what we talked about. I was in the middle of working and I try to not get people to chat with me if they are not a guest staying with us. But not Bill… he was determined to grab my attention. He would walk away for about 5 minutes and come back up to the counter with something to say. He did this about 5 times. He was there for a good 20 minutes or so. We weren’t really busy at this time yesterday so I tried my hardest to smile at him when he would talk and answer his questions quickly. But then he stopped asking questions and said to me “Can I talk to you about me?”… DING DING DING…. warning signs were going off in my head!! My first response to him was “About what? your application? I am not the person you need to talk to about that. I just take your application.”… then he proceeds to tell me a few more things which got me thinking “Wow… he is a little weird. I hope he’s almost done before someone sees him”. (horrible I know.. just stick with me) After he was done chatting I caught myself.

I was thinking not so great things about him. BUT HE IS GOD’S CHILD JUST LIKE I AM. Something in me told me that I should say a quick prayer for him, so I did.

“God, be with him. you know him better then I do. Bless him and keep him safe”

AND THEN… There’s Bill!!! Again… he walked up to the counter right after I prayed to myself and said to me “I’m not strange. I don’t want you to think I’m weird” I said “ok, have a nice day” in a semi-sweet toned voice 🙂

then he walked away.. but to the corner of my eye I see him standing there and he comes up to me and says to me “I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO TELL YOU GOD BLESS YOU”

God Bless me??? I was just judging you (in my head) and you want to say to me Be blessed??

WOW…. Talk about slap in the face hard core reality.

Everyone I meet will be different to me. Yes, there will be times that I will get irritated, but I know that God loves them and they are to be blessed just like I want my life to be blessed. Regardless of their circumstances.


Bill, I know you will never read this. But you changed me yesterday. I want to be like you and Bless everyone like you did me. Know that Jesus is so proud of you. I am. And I don’t even know you.


Lord, help me to be more like you everyday. I don’t want to judge people. You never judge people, you love them. I know that if you were here today, you would still walk the streets and go into those deep dark places that us “holy people” will never go. LORD I AM NOT THAT!!! You are my rock and I want you to be that for others. Break me and mold me. You are who I want to be like. Not images I see on TV. But you.