It’s been to long and… WE’RE GOING ORGANIC!

Wow… what a long few months it has been. I know I know… don’t say it. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!

Well, lets just say, the holidays got the best of me and I became non stop. Literally. I never really sat down. I probably got to update TWITTER more then this thing because I can just text whatever I feel to it! Unlike the Internet that I don’t have on my phone. IF I DID (hint hint babe.. I need an iPod Touch!) I would have gotten on here much more often. well I have a few new year resolutions that I am posting today… tell me what you think

#1) As in the title.. We’re going organic. As in our food.. our life.. our way of things around the house. It’s kind of hard because you have to spend money to save money. I don’t know. If you have any good tips we’re game. My husband is a major money pincher.. so keep that in mind.

#2) I’m FINALLY going to do something about my passion for Event Coordinating and darn it! I’m getting a  business started! I’m a little nervous about it. I went to a Bridal show today and was a tid bit overwhelmed. Things change so much in a year. Can I keep up with this gig?

#3) Last but not least… the goal for everyone… I’m LOSING WEIGHT. Or more like, actually sticking to goals that I made LAST YEAR… 🙂 I’m going to work out if it kills me and eat healthier dang it!!! I ate all my last good bye to the things I will no longer have… so thats it. I’m doing it.


So… I’m back. Offically. I have a post that I can’t wait to put up. I’m hoping you will all enjoy it and it will make you laugh. Maybe tomorrow… maybe

This year is mine in ’09!!!!!



One thought on “It’s been to long and… WE’RE GOING ORGANIC!

  1. Kassie says:

    Wow Cherith! I’m impressed. Going organic IS expensive. We buy quite a bit of organic food because it tends to be lower in sodium. But its not even close to all of what we eat! Some of the fresh produce is so expensive already, you know? Anyway….Meijer has a good deal of Meijer brand organics throughout the store. That would be a good place to start. We get some of their canned organics and organic pasta, and they’re both good. The labels say Meijer (duh) and are sort of khaki/beige colored….sorta organic-looking I guess. They’re certified organic, but cost less than some of the “brand name” organic products. Give them a try! 🙂

    As for what we were talking about at church Sunday with breakfast ideas….I try to pair something with at least a little bit of protein into my breakfast. Low fat yogurt, mini omelet, even turkey bacon or turkey sausage paired with some fruit and a lite english muffin makes a good breakfast. Throw some reduced fat cheese on a toasted english muffin, or reduced fat peanut butter on toast or a string cheese by itself. Even milk has a bit of protein if you eat cereal. And I find it helps to “mix it up”. Not only will you get bored with the same thing over and over, but your body can get bored and used to the food.

    Also, I do the chewy chocolate Viactive multi-vitamins. I truly think that helps because you know you’re getting all your essential vitamins and minerals in each day! 🙂 Your body needs them!

    When you work out….start out small. A little bit helps too, and if you go out and kill yourself right off instead of working up to a goal, you might scare yourself off from working out. Pick something manageable and work up from there. If I can do it, know you can do it!

    OK, that’s long enough. WOW. Hope it wasn’t too long. And I hope it was helpful!

    Way to go Cherith! I know you can do it. And keep us updated on your progress. Let us all know we can help you out in any way!
    -Kassie 🙂

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