What kind of “parker” are you?

ok, so I have a fun post. And something that I am determind to make you think about next time you go to the store.

So.. how do you park? Or should I say how long does it take you to park?

See.. when I go to the store I want to get a parking spot and get it quickly. My theory is. It will take me longer to find a parking spot that is close, when it won’t take me long to find a spot a little further and walk 2 minutes into the building.

Now, I know that right now in most cases, it is FREEZING outside. BUT think about it. With driving and driving around you are waisting gas and just getting more frustrated. So I have come up with different types of “Parkers” with the help of Ryan Sycrest and his radio show.


a) The 20 Minute driver – I will wait as long as I have to, to get that perfect spot and will drive around in circles at my destination because I KNOW THAT SOMEONE WILL BE LEAVING THAT SPOT.. sooner then later

b) The Stalker – I will follow anyone and everyone that comes out of a store to see where they have parked. If it’s to far away I will follow someone else. And then I will proceed to sit in the middle of the aisle with my blinker on INDICATING that I am waiting (and have been waiting) for THAT particular spot. You can’t have it.

c) The Hiker – I know what I want and need in the store. I will park a little further away if it means that I will get in and out of the store faster. I have a mission. And I can walk fast even if it’s cold out.


SO, my question to you is.. what kind of parker are you?

Come on.. don’t be shy. And if you can think of some other kind of parker that you know of tell me!!!

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The Hiker,



8 thoughts on “What kind of “parker” are you?

  1. Brennon says:

    I’m a hiker. I don’t care where I park as long as I get to drop my car off somewhere so I can get inside. πŸ™‚ Oh . . . and hello, Cherith. πŸ™‚

  2. April says:

    I am definitely a hiker. I have wondered about this in the past, though… who is lazier, the person who takes the first available spot, or the person who doesn’t want to walk an extra 20 feet to the store?
    Well, in Thailand we won’t have to worry about parking!

  3. BJ says:

    I am a hiker unless I see someone coming out of a store then I will stalk them like you know what. Especially at Jefferson Pointe by the Rave…..I don’t play I get in there

  4. staceyw says:

    I’m a hiker except I take it a bit further. Even when there are obvious “good” spots, I purposefully avoid as many other vehicles as I can so that there’s less chance I’ll return to my truck to discover additional dings and scratches.

  5. Mama says:

    I am a hiker too (it must be genetic) of course I am thinkng of burning calories while I walk…. something the skinny Ruggle boys don’t have to think about (love you guys). But- if I hapen to drive by a close spot on my way to the outer limits then it’s like somebody gave me a gift! And I snap it up, because who turns down a nice surprise like that?? I will say that rain, brings out the “Stalker” in me though. xoxoxox

  6. Kassie says:

    I would say for the most part I am a hiker. I try to scan as I’m coming down an aisle to see if there are close spots, but if its pretty evident none are open, I take the next available spot. (I might tend more to the stalker if its raining out though…)

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