I can’t believe it!!! After a few years of silly credit card debt IT’S ALL GONE!!!!! I felt like that picture for so long. Although I went to a credit counsling program and they helped A LOT, I still feel like it was a tough fight. After all this time I completely forgot what I bought with all the credit cards. I probably don’t even have half of it. I know some of the things that I used my credit card for was needed like groceries, my car, things like that, but STILL!!!

Thousands of dollars for what????

What good did it do for me, besides the fact that I had close to NO MONEY for over 2 years!!!

Thankfully, I married a man who has NO “bad” debt and is a strong advocate of not having any unnesseccary debt.

For a few months I am going to enjoy having some money. Save some of my money. And then…. ::drum roll please:: I get a new one of these….




Or something close to it!!!

I know you’re all thinking “BUT CHERITH, That’s just MORE DEBT!!”. Your right. I could save a few thousand dollars and go buy a used car that is semi close to what I want. BUT have you meet my husband??? haha.. he never goes into buying something with out a plan. He has a plan. And a really good one in fact. I have no worries that I will be able to get and afford this car when the time comes. And did you know that I’ve had the SAME CAR since I was 16!!!!! I think it’s about time I get something I haven’t had, which is a brand new car!!!


YAY FOR ME!!!! I’m out of debt and it feels weird!!!


Can’t sleep

you know when there is SO MUCH running through your head that sleeping isn’t even an option?? Well I decided to do something about it and thats watch my favorite YouTube Video called “David after Dentist”. I have to tell you the first time I saw this I was CRYING cause i was laughing so hard!!! This is a must watch. Please enjoy.


You can not tell me that you didn’t laugh so hard you about pee’d… I mean really “Is this real life??” AH HAHAHAHA…. (can you believe you can actually buy T-shirts cause of this clip??)


Hello there world. I think it’s time for a girlie moment. SO for all you boys that read my blog.. today might NOT be your day! LOL 🙂

For the longest time I have dreamed about my future children. They were always fuzzy but my heart would sink and I would cry or could feel their touch. It was enough for me to know that even though it was a dream, it was very real.

Well, a few years ago I felt like God named my first child. I can’t quite explain to you how this happened. I just knew. Deep in my heart. Mainly because it was a name I have NEVER heard of and it came out of no where. I just had this deep desire that my children would have incredable names that truly meant something.  And wha-la here is this name… wanna know what it is????….

Sage Madison

Yes, Sage as in the herb. BUT the meaning is what makes it something so unique. Sage means Propheit! But wait.. there’s more.. Madison means Light and Warrior!!! How stinkin powerful!!! Nothing more do I want a daughter who is strong and beautiful and has incrediable depth to her life. SO.. you can only imagine that i started thinking about her more. Praying about her more.. And dreaming about her more.

One night, my mom and I both had a dream about her! Amazing right?? I thought so.

But wait there’s more…

So, it has been awhile since I’ve really had good children dreams. (haha, thats what I’m calling them) I have dreams but never really clear. But always makes my heart jump. ANYWAYS, last night… I had a dream of all dreams. It was amazing. I didn’t want to wake up. I gave birth to my baby girl. And it was beautiful. Every one that i love was there. It was peaceful, amazing.. and then i looked at her, kissed her and said “hello Sage Madison”. And then all of the sudden it was Spring. Sage was three or so.. and I could see her. Clear as day. And she looked JUST LIKE BJ! Blonde hair, petite, big blue eyes, and a mouth just like his. She was beautiful. Everything I wanted was in that moment. And I had to wake up.

I know it sounds silly. But it’s in those moments that I pray for my future kids. I have no idea how many I’ll have or what they will really look like. But all I know is that God has his hands all over it. And I am so ready!

🙂 ….  ok, enough dreaming for the day. more to come. It’s been to long since I’ve updated this thing!


(and NO I’m not pregnant)