Second Trimester here I come!

Well me and Baby Bean are officially 12 weeks along and I can’t believe I’m in my second trimester ALREADY! It seems like I just told everyone and everyone is catching on to the fact that I’m going to be a mommy.

So lets see.. What have I gone through….

I’m still hungry ALL the time. It never seems to go away. And whats even worse is if I wait to long to eat I won’t be able to actually eat much when I do sit down to eat. THAT is more frustrating then anything. I’m on a 2 hour roll it seems. On the money, every 2 hours, I’m hungry.

I was told that I wouldn’t be as tired and that I would get a break during my second trimester… I’m still waiting for that. I’m very tired and still feel moody and Blah really.

Lets see, what else. I’m starting to show!!! Haha, I was going to post a picture up, but can’t seem to find my cord to put pictures on my computer, so you’ll have to wait for that. But no worries, its just the “chubby” stuff, nothing super solid. lol

We get to find out what we are having in about a month and a half! Can you believe it!! Time flies with this baby. But we’re ready. We want to be as prepared as possible. Cause right now it is so hard to plan really anything at all. Not knowing and what not. I don’t know how people do it that wait for the SURPRISE! lol.. not me. I need to plan.

I’m finally starting to feel like I want to cook again. Before I couldn’t wait for all the prep time and cooking time. I just wanted something there and fast. I’m sure BJ is ready for me to start cooking again. Maybe this time off made him miss it?!?!… lol

In just a few short weeks we are planning to go on another Big trip to Ireland. We are so excited but I’m just hoping I come around so I can truly enjoy our time. A weekend or so ago I went to a concert in Ohio for my Dad’s birthday and felt like SUCH a party pooper! Everyone was worried about me being hungry and I couldn’t stand for very long during the concert either. Pray, pray, pray, that some of this fades away at least just for a moment while I’m in Europe.

I was hoping this summer would slow down but really it has just gotten more hectic. I’m learning to adjust and juggling everything. Hopefully I can really get some major things accomplished before the Baby comes. (like clean!)

Well, I’m off to venture another week. In a week and a half I have the fun dr’s appointment with all the blood work and test and stuff I’m not a huge fan of. But it’s all worth it.



2 thoughts on “Second Trimester here I come!

  1. April says:

    How fun 🙂 It IS hard to believe how fast it’s going, but the little one doesn’t officially come until January, right??

    It would be really cool to talk to you guys sometime. Brad & Lisa said you were headed there soon…. maybe we could Skype while you’re there…

  2. Danielle says:

    I was told that the second trimester doesn’t start till 14 weeks…huh…I am finally past the hungry all the time phase, but if I don’t eat breakfast now I feel like I am going to puke…ha ha ha

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