19 weeks and counting

I can’t believe it. I’m one week away from being 5 months into my pregnancy.

So many things have changed and happened. First the obvious. My belly! It’s officially poked out. A little more then a poke. Sometime I wonder if I’m suppose to be this big. BUT I’ve only gained 3 pounds!!! Yes, thats right. I haven’t subtracted any numbers to make this post look pretty, it’s the truth. I’m thinking my physical body has lost weight and my baby is making up for it. Which I’m ok with that. Hopefully after she is born I won’t have to work out over time to loose a ton of weight. But I won’t speak to soon ­čÖé Who knows what will happen in the next 4 months.

Another great thing is that I have officially jumped into the “break” stage of the second trimester. I’m not gagging at everything. Smells are still strong but I can get over the nasty smelling ones. I never was nauseous. Never really had morning sickness. So thats nothing to worry about. I’m still tired. But I can make it through a whole day without a nap! LOL that was something that worried me. Never thought someone could be SO TIRED!! And I’m not having to eat every 2 hours any more!! lol. My appetite is finally getting back to “some what” of what it was. Still a little picky, but nothing I can’t deal with.

And now for the fun part!! MOVEMENT! What an amazing feeling!! I love noticing it. I love feeling it and everywhere she goes. Sometimes I can move and she’ll go all to one side and I just feel a huge lump in my stomach. And then it’s gone. But my favorite thing is BJ questioning it if it “really is her or just gas”.. or my muscles moving, or organs moving. LOL.. I was told that he would question it, but didn’t think it would be this much. Oh well, it’s cute. It’s all because he can’t feel anything yet. He tries to be patient and keep his hand on my belly, but that last all but 30 seconds because she’ll stop. Typical right?!

I love being pregnant!!! I love that all my close friends are pregnant or have little ones already. And funny enough, they all have girls!! So I’m already thinking about mommy days. Play dates. Tea parties. Dress ups. The park. Everything. I’m very ready for it all!! I never thought I would be this ready to be a mommy, but it’s funny how it works out this way. even though we got pregnant sooner then we expected too, I’m ready for it!!

While I’m thinking about it…

Got any tips for these last few months of Pregnancy? I know walking is a huge deal, but what else. Tell me something only Girlfriends told you. or something you figured out on your own… I need to know, so please share!!!!


Children make you worry

No matter how old they are. Either in the womb, age five or 16… they can really keep you on your toes.

Today, I had my first experience of that. I ended up bleeding┬átoday and that set off huge red flags for us. After talking to my doctor we figured out that I had a blood clot that decided to leave my body. What a scary thing to go through. Even though I am “out of the risky zone” it’s still scary. My mom said it perfectly today saying “you didn’t know you could start loving something so soon without even seeing it”. And thats so true. I love this baby so much already, and┬áto lose it this far along would be devastating.

Thank you Jesus thats NOT what happened.

Baby is fine. Completely fine actually. I knew this baby was a mover but┬áthe baby┬áproved that in the Ultrasound!! Never once did our little bean stop moving and waving and sucking on fingers. I was just in AWE of this little person. I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe this baby is sitting inside of me, growing and living! WOW… such a blessing and a privilege to experience.

With the Ultra sound also came the great announcement of the sex of our baby and drum roll please….


We are so excited. I have had nothing but girl dreams for the past few years, so this is all starting to ring out to everything I had hoped it to be.

And her name will be Sage Madison. It has been since the dreaming began so it is only fitting that I keep it ­čÖé

More updates will come like our trip to Ireland and London. Thats just more time…. some other time that is

Good night world, and soon we will be saying hello to our little girl!