My Future

Knowing that we are going to have a girl is such a big deal because there are SO MANY THINGS that come with having a girl. Pretty Dresses. Dancing. Singing. Cheerleading. Boys. And lots and lots of emotions!!! I don’t consider myself an over emotional girl. I think I have balance. Although, yes, when I was a teen I would cry if I was hurt. But at least I wasn’t screaming! lol.

Also with having a girl there is the known fact that they do things a little sooner then most boys. Like talking. My niece Lucy is just barely over the age of two and she is talking in full sentences, giving dirty looks, and rolling her eyes. Like she 18 already!! It’s amazing to me how fast she has grown and the things she is catching up on. Seeing her makes me very aware of what I’m about to get myself into. And this great video, that is all over facebook, is a great look into my future of having a girl.

Please enjoy a good laugh 🙂