My hopeful Birth Plan

Seeings how I am about 4 weeks out I thought I would share my Birth Plan to the world and then when our Little Bean comes, we’ll see what REALLY happened!

As most of you know (if you read my blog ever…) I want to have this baby as natural as possible. In fact, if it was my choice I would have this baby at home with a midwife. But my dear husband isn’t game, so therefore, we hired a Doula and will be having our baby at a newly remodeled Hospital here in town.

First let me explain what a Doula is. She is a labor coach that you hire on your own research or recommendation from someone. I found my Doula, Brooke,  from And then looked at her website for detailed information on how she feels about natural birthing, or just the birthing process in general. I found, that with wanting to have a natural birth, and this being my first time, hiring her would be ideal for not just myself but my husband as well. She is very informative as far as procedures go, what to expect, laboring positions, and hospital protocol. We have meet a few times and went through a birth plan on what I would like to expect when things come up.

Now that you know what a Doula is lets go through my expectations….

Of course, you must all know, that if ANYTHING changes in my birth plan I will not be devastated. Of course, I want to try my hardest to go all natural and medication free, but I know that things happen. Baby changes her plans or position. My body reacts differently. Anything can happen… I am not waiving anything out. Remember, this is my first time.

Ok, here’s the plan.

First, I want to try to labor at home for as along as I can. I will call Brooke as soon as I am having consistent contractions. My idea of comfort is NOT in a hospital! I want free will for as long as I can have it. (and I want to be able to eat if I’m hungry!!! I get sick if I don’t eat for a certain period of time)

I have already begun to have contractions. I have dilated a little bit and my cervix is doing a fine job of thinning out. Also, the baby is sitting nice and low. Yes, I am not the most comfortable, but it’s do-able. I’m not complaining because my body and the baby is doing what they are suppose to be doing.

Brooke has informed BJ and myself that she can pretty well tell how far along girls are by their way of breathing and actions. As some of you may know, there are 3 stages of labor; Active labor, transition labor, and after baby labor (that’s my short version). She’s pretty good at guessing where you are. (Doulas are not certified to “check” a woman’s cervix. F.Y.I) When we all feel it’s time to go to the hospital then we will head that way.

Now, distance is something that we have to take into consideration as well. Unfortunately, my Dr. does not delivery at the hospital that is down the road from our house. So we have to jump on the highway and drive about 20 minutes to get to the hospital. And weather also plays apart of this. HOPEFULLY I will have nothing to worry about but my breathing… hopefully

When I get to the hospital they have a “suite” delivery room with a jacuzzi tub. This would be IDEAL for someone like myself. Laboring in the water is like a natural epidural. Of course, it doesn’t take ALL of the pain away but I know it will help. Unfortunately, I can not have a water birth. I don’t have a definite answer as to why there are no hospitals in Fort Wayne that will allow this, but thats ok… maybe next baby. 🙂

There are many techniques to dealing with contractions. I have studied a million different ways it seems. So it will be interesting to see what works best for us.

I also do not want an I.V. unless it is absolutely necessary. I don’t have to worry about the Group B bacteria that I tested for. It was negative. The hospital will not force me to have an I.V. but if they insist on me having something I can have the start of an IV in my hand that I will just cover up.

I would rather not be checked on an hourly basis. For a few reasons. First, the longest distance in labor is getting from 1 to 5 centimeters dilated. WHY would I want to disappoint myself every hour with little progress. I have a feeling I will be able to tell when the contractions change from strong to really strong 🙂 I will be checked when it is necessary and especially when it’s time to see my baby!!

That also goes along with having monitors on my belly for the whole time!! I think this is just a weight that is not needed the whole time. Thankfully they can put the monitors on for 20 minutes, get their readings, and then take them off.

When it comes to the actual delivery of the baby I want to try and listen to my body when I feel the urge to push. Although I have never done this before, I have a feeling I will know what my body is telling me. Coaching is fine, but I know that pushing can also last for more then an hour… depending on baby.

Secondly, IF my water has yet to break I am not opposed to having the Dr. break it for me. Although some people would not consider it natural, I consider it more natural then Pitocin. The only thing that I DON’T like about this is once it is broken you are put on a 24 hour time clock. If she isn’t born within that time frame they will “force” her out, in fear of infection. I do and don’t agree with this. So hopefully it is something I will not have to worry about.

Also, when it comes to tearing vs. an episiotomy (where the Dr. cuts you), I think I would rather take a chance at tearing. I have not completely discussed this with my Dr., so I need too. I think it’s important to know how your Dr. feels about certain procedures before you make a true decision. I am still pretty two-sided about it. I see benefits on both ends. What if I don’t tear… or wouldn’t have and she still cut me… I guess it’s something you will never know about till it comes.

I do not care for the mirror. Yes, it’s amazing whats happening… but I don’t think I can watch myself push this baby out…. I’ll just want to pull her out with my hands!

My husband will cut the cord. And we are not waiting for the cord to stop pulsing. Again, this is something I am two-sided about. But all in all, my baby will be healthy. Thats all that matters.

And lastly, my hospital offers something for the parents and baby for one hour right after delivery that you can customize yourself. We have chosen it to be just the three of us. I will nurse right away, and the lights will be dimmed and soft music will be playing. It’s a mood setting that I am truly looking forward too!

Well… thats about all I can think of. We’ll see how it really plays out. I feel really great about everything so far. I am letting everything take it’s course. I am in no hurry to have this baby just because the longer she cooks the better 🙂

If you have any questions, or there was something I missed please let me know!! Like I said, I know it’s my first time, but there is always a good hope that this can all happen.

Also… if you think I’m crazy for doing this PLEASE do not leave a comment telling me that… I believe that God has given me this privilege of having a baby and this is the way the he wants ME to have our baby. If it’s not for you, thats ok. I give any woman props for having a baby. Because it’s not just the birth that you go through.. but the whole 9 months! Kudos…

The journey continues….


OK, lets be honest…

I have to admit, I LOVE being pregnant!! We feel so blessed that I have only had a few things as far as symptoms are concerned. No real morning sickness. No overwhelming discomfort. Nothing huge.

BUT, there is one thing that I really do not like NOR GET… and it’s Hiccups!!!!!

How the heck does a child in the womb, who isn’t breathing air, get the hiccups!?! And WHY do they have to last so long!?

At first I thought it was cute. You know, it feels like a heart beat in your belly. BUT when it happens 4 to 5 times in a day!!!! Oh my goodness… Just GO AWAY!!! It is truly something I do not like. Yes, I said it. I don’t like this part of my pregnancy! The hiccups are so annoying in so many ways. There’s nothing you can do about them. There’s no way to make it more comfortable. You just have to wait it out…

And then of course your told that if you have a “hiccupie” baby in the womb, they will be like that out! We’ll see…

On a more positive note, I only have 7.5 weeks left!!! This is just crazy!! I am starting to feel huge, although I am still being told that I am small. (well, by some people)

I’m starting to research more supplements to help with my all natural labor (like red raspberry leaf and primrose oil). And today I bought some Digestive Papaya to help with my over active acid reflex!! I’m really starting to get excited! The nursery is coming together and I can’t wait to post up pictures…. but of course, I can’t do that till it’s done!

Have a wonderful week… hopefully I will update sooner then later 🙂


Cherith and Baby Bean