OK, lets be honest…

I have to admit, I LOVE being pregnant!! We feel so blessed that I have only had a few things as far as symptoms are concerned. No real morning sickness. No overwhelming discomfort. Nothing huge.

BUT, there is one thing that I really do not like NOR GET… and it’s Hiccups!!!!!

How the heck does a child in the womb, who isn’t breathing air, get the hiccups!?! And WHY do they have to last so long!?

At first I thought it was cute. You know, it feels like a heart beat in your belly. BUT when it happens 4 to 5 times in a day!!!! Oh my goodness… Just GO AWAY!!! It is truly something I do not like. Yes, I said it. I don’t like this part of my pregnancy! The hiccups are so annoying in so many ways. There’s nothing you can do about them. There’s no way to make it more comfortable. You just have to wait it out…

And then of course your told that if you have a “hiccupie” baby in the womb, they will be like that out! We’ll see…

On a more positive note, I only have 7.5 weeks left!!! This is just crazy!! I am starting to feel huge, although I am still being told that I am small. (well, by some people)

I’m starting to research more supplements to help with my all natural labor (like red raspberry leaf and primrose oil). And today I bought some Digestive Papaya to help with my over active acid reflex!! I’m really starting to get excited! The nursery is coming together and I can’t wait to post up pictures…. but of course, I can’t do that till it’s done!

Have a wonderful week… hopefully I will update sooner then later 🙂


Cherith and Baby Bean


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