Things to Keep

As a new mommy with a one month old, I have learned so much lately. (and to think it’s only the beginning!) And I think the most important things that I have learned are Things to Keep close to me or to remember.

Here is my list of my Top 5 things to keep:

5.) KEEP the house dirty! – It’s so important that in the beginning of a new baby to not worry about what the house looks like. Once you feel good and in a good “routine” THEN maybe venture out to clean. But until then. Stop doing laundry. Stop trying to make dinner. Stop trying to clean and sweep. Trust me. You will live.

4.) KEEP all your hobbies – Just because there is a baby doesn’t mean you have to stop what you love. For example. I LOVE to listen to my music. Especially in the car. Well, just because my little one is in the car with me doesn’t mean I have to keep the volume down to one decimal. She is very use to my loud music. Although, I don’t go crazy loud. I still don’t keep it down. AND I plan on going back to dancing and working out once my body is healed. Heck, I might even pick up a new hobby like the Piano 🙂

3.) KEEP date night – My husband and I LOVE to go on a date. It’s such a great way to spend time with each other. And we finally went out on our first date with NO BABY! She lived. I LIVED. And we had such a great time!!! Keep date night. Whether it’s pawning off the kids to a friends for a quite house and a game of cards or dinner and a movie. Enjoy one another.

2.) KEEP your friends close – I can not tell you how important my girlfriends are to me!!!! (you know who you are 🙂 ) Not only have they given me wonderful advice, but just being there for me because they understand means so much to me. AND I have completely enjoyed their meals 🙂 What a blessing!!! Not having to cook was so great! And to my girlfriends with out babies… you mean a lot to me too because I know you will want to hold Sage and not have anything (or anyone) else that will want your attention! lol

1.) KEEP your marriage secure – Man, I can not tell you how important my husband has been for me in this last month. Before the baby I didn’t rely on him like I should. But now… NOW I NEED HIM!!! He is my security. My rock. My Sanity. I love him more then life. And when are kids are grown and gone it will be just him and I. Therefore, he comes first (after the Lord of course). Because in the end, my kids can not love me like he does and will for the rest of my life.

 Can you believe it?! In one month I learned all of this! I can’t imagine what the next 18 years has in store 🙂

What are some other things that you’ve learned to keep close to you?


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