Brag time

It’s so hard for me to not brag about my husband and his accomplishments. In the last three years of our marriage he has earned almost every trip with his company and we have traveled to more places then I could have ever imagined. This April we went to the Dominican Republic and we took our 3 month old daughter with us. So to say that it was a true vacation would be a stretch.

But, we just got word that he earned the BIG TRIP of the year and we are going on a Baltics Cruise!!!! Now I am not saying all of this to brag about our trips. NO! I am bragging about my Husband, Brett A. Carpenter Jr.

My Husband has been the rock and head of this house. Even though every year at his job seems to get harder, he always presses through and makes it. I KNOW that he is a prayer warrior. Even when things are changing in our house, he always finds time to pray and do devotions. Never do I doubt my husbands relationship with the Lord. With his passion of worship and relationships, I see Jesus in him.

And let me tell you about how incredibly hard this man works!! His drive for perfection could make anyone go crazy!! His passion for what he does makes him who he is and why I believe he is so successful! YES. We have our battles. This year has proven to be one of the hardest. There have been many days where I can see worry and defeat on his face. But then he always pulls himself up and makes it to work another day. His co-workers respect him. His bosses rely on him. He is a man of his word. If I was working, I would want him on my team. 🙂

BJ… You are Amazing!!!! I love you more than words can express. Everyday there is something new that I love about you!! Thank you for putting up with me and everything that has been happening in our house. 🙂 We have been through a lot of changes in the last few months. And I truly believe there are a ton more changes to come. And I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else but you!!!! You are the man of my dreams. You are everything I need in a husband!!! And you are the BEST dad in the world!!!! I love the way Sage looks at you! I love the way she “talks” to you! I know that she will grow to love and admire you just like I do with my daddy! I will never regret the day I said yes to marry you. And I will never look back on that day that I married you!!!!! Thank you for being who you are. Even if you hum all the time and act like a boy ALL THE TIME!!! I know I would miss it… maybe 😉

I LOVE YOU BJ!!! You are my world, my rock, my one and only…. And I am SO SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

Congratulations baby!! You deserved this trip!!



One thought on “Brag time

  1. Aaron J says:

    Cec and I are so happy for you guys! Thank you both for being such a blessing to the Worship Team. Enjoy your trip, you deserve it!

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