I want to upgrade!

Although I am not the BEST blogger in the world like my good friend Brad Ruggles, I think it’s important to make my blog more appealing. Realtors say that you make or break a deal when the buyer is in the house for the first 60 seconds. (well, that’s what they said last night on “Selling New York”)… SO I would think a blog is the same way!!!

SO… How do I make my blog more appealing?

How do I get my own website without having to go through another site… (like this one)?

And if I get my own site, I want it to look cool!!!! But How….

What are some things that you like about some blogs that make you keep going back?


Any advice


One thought on “I want to upgrade!

  1. April says:

    Hey Cherith-

    We’ve struggled a lot to keep people reading our blog. Seems like it’s all in consistency, and funny or interesting content. The “mom blogs” that keep me entertained are always the ones with funny kid stories 🙂 And while looking cool might grab people at first, it’s the ones with good content that keep me going back to reading them. For example, one of my favorite blogs is cakewrecks.com. They finally just updated to a nice looking page. Before it was a very generic blogger page, but it was still hugely popular because of the hilarious content 🙂

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