25 years

Where I thought I would be, is where I am:

I thought I would be a singer when I was young.

I thought I would dance professionally. I wanted to be in one of those cool music videos.

Or have people dance in my cool music video.

I thought I would have traveled the world before I was married.

I thought I would have been on several Missions trips.

I thought I would go to a big college somewhere south.

I loved the south.

I thought I would be married by age 18.

I thought I would have my first baby at 22. Like my mom.

I thought I would have a large family.

Five, Six… heck maybe even Eight kids.

I thought I would own my own business.

I had a lot of business ideas; Salons, Spa, Day cares, dance studio, Restaurants.

At 25, I thought I would have all of this by now….

I am a singer. In my house, in my car, and at my church.

I am a dancer. While holding my baby and in my dreams.

I just watch cool music videos and lots of dance shows.

I am a traveler. But I get to experience it all with my Husband.

I have been on one mission’s trip. It was everything I expected it to be and made me want more.

I did go to college. For two years. That was good enough for me.

I am married. At the ripe age of 22 on July 6th, 2007. I married my Best Friend.

I am a mother. At age 24, Sage Madison was born.

I wanted a large family… hahaha… things can change!

I am on the verge of starting my own business. Event Coordinating!

 At age 25, I’m not where I thought I would be, but I LOVE where I am!

Happy Birthday to me… and many more


4,000 hits

So is it weird that I have a goal of getting hit 4,000 times?????

hahahahaha… ok, ok.. not hit physically…. but I think it would be awesome to see that 4,000 times my blog has been viewed…

I would feel accomplished 🙂

So come on…

Hit me

10 Random Things

There have been so many things that I’ve wanted to talk about but not enough about that topic to make an actual post. SO, this is what I’ve come up with!!

Whether these things are something I’ve discovered, something I really like, or your know… random

So. Here we go!

10.) Cornstarch – Thanks to my mom I know have replaced my baby powder with cornstarch. My sweet daughter has sensitive skin. And this past week she developed a terrible diaper rash! Called my mama, asked for advice and thats what she recommended. And with in one day the diaper rash was almost completely gone! Now I just need a really good way to store it. Humm…

9.) Baby food homemade –  I have recently been feeding my daughter homemade rice! Instead of buying a box from the store, I made my own. And it’s SO, SO easy!!! Holy cow. There are pro’s and con’s to this. More con’s though in my opinion. I am all about making my own baby food. And I will when it comes to veggies, fruits, ect. Making it at home is the same price as a box of it cost. But you have to buy, whole grain, brown rice. Grind it up, not cooked. (which a food processor doesn’t work. we had to use our coffee grinder.) THEN, you put water in it, microwave it, then feed the baby. Boxed is done. It has vitamins. And sometimes it’s cheaper! So, once my rice is gone. I’m switching.

8.) Rosemary – This seems to be an herb I have off hand on a regular basis. One of my husbands favorite dish is just Chicken, potatoes, ROSEMARY, salt, pepper and oil. No joke. Thats all the recipe calls for. And it is so so yummy. A lot of dishes call for rosemary and you can add it to just about anything for good flavor. And NO my next daughter is not going to be named Rosemary because my first daughter was named Sage. haha…

7.) COOKING –  My new favorite thing in the world. I LOVE to experiment with cooking and finding new recipes. And I think I am addicted to Food Network!! Ina Garten, Giada De Laurentiis, Guy Fieri (love him!), the whole nine yards. It’s so inspiring. And I don’t think my husband is to upset about all the cooking either! Now if I could just get someone to clean up after me… that would be awesome!

6.) Working out – What the Heck?!?! Seriously. I am not the one to jump up and say “OMG! I LOVE to work out! Lets go right now!” UGH… I know I need to. And I will get there someday. But right now… well, I’m good.. 🙂

5.) Low-Fat – Say What?! Since my gallbladder has been taken out I can not eat high fat things. But has it completely stopped me? Nooo… UGH. It’s so frustrating. Yes. I regret it later because me and Mr. John become great friends all day. (ewwww)… BUT IT’S SO GOOD! ::sigh:: I will do better…. I have to. I am not about to gain all the weight I have lost since Sage was born.

4.) Sage – Ahhh.. my sweet baby girl. Let me just say. I’m blessed. And guess what?! She’s SO CLOSE to rolling over!!! Thats it. Thats all I wanted to say about her. Short and sweet. Just like her 🙂

3.) Ballroom Dancing –  I started taking lessons when I was 14. And it has been apart of my life ever since. I miss is terribly. I watch it on TV and almost cry I miss it so much. I started teaching when I was 18 and there is great joy in that. But to actually dance it and showcase it, THAT is amazing! I love to dance. And I probably always will. I don’t know what I will do if Sage decide to play volleyball instead of being on the dance team… I would be so confused…

2.) Event Coordinating –  Let me just say, the best job in the world is to do what you love! And I LOVE to Coordinate Events!!!! I worked with a Magazine here in Fort Wayne and thats what did it for me. It made me realize how much I love it. And how fun it is! It’s my dream career. And it’s in the works… it might just take a little longer then I planned.

1.) Family – Wow. Aren’t we all just so blessed? No matter the circumstances. We are Blessed. I have an amazing family. My husband loves me unconditionally. My daughter is healthy. My parents are the best around and I can easily say I admire! My brothers are starting families and they have great girls by their side! And my husband’s family is a bonus! They add to my life and I love everyone one of them! We are so blessed….

See. That was pretty random. In Fact, there were a few more I wanted to add.. but I’ll save that for some other time!

Ciao – Cherith