Wrap me in your arms

My baby loves to take naps. And I have to admit, I love it when she takes naps! I have learned that I can get so much done while she’s sleeping. Although, I have to admit, that was a learned trait. I am not the cleaning type. So when you have a kid that has to change a little bit. Now, I am not a clean or germ freak either. If someone touches her I am not going to freak out if she puts her hand in her mouth. She’ll be alright. I’m sure I did it when I was a kid.

Anyways, right before I lay her down we sort of have a routine. I lay her in a craddle hold on my left side, put her “night night” (her blanket has a name 🙂 ) between her face and my arms and we Sway together. Come’on moms. You know what I’m talking about. The infamous Sway. You do it in the lines at a store. You do it standing still. Once you have a baby you unconsciencely do the “mom sway” for the rest of your life. Without holding the baby.

Now even though as soon as I put her in my arms she fights me. She screams, crys and even arches her back because she KNOWS it’s time to sleep. But then, she breaks down and falls right to sleep. In my arms. Peace and quite. And it’s in that moment, I stare at her. Dream about her life. Kiss her head a million times. Pray over her. Love on her. And then I embrace her tightly because I know that eventually she won’t need me like this any more. She won’t need her quite time in mama’s arms to help her sleep. Some day she’ll become a teenager and think she’s the queen of the world.

But now… right now… I hold her

Isn’t it funny how our realtionship with God is the Same way! We will fight and kick our way out of his arms so fast just because we don’t want to close our eyes and rest. Knowing very well, that once he puts us down he will still stand over us and watch us. So many times we feel like we know everything. That we got the hang of it. But God is just standing there waiting to hold us. He YEARNS to hold us again. Just like I will always want to hold my baby.

He is so patient. So kind. So loving.

His mercies truely are new everyday! Just the way that I am with Sage. Regardless of the sleepless night that I had. Regardless of the fights and screaming the day before. I love her just the same today like I did yesterday. God is the SAME WAY! He wants to hold us and comfort us. He wants to stop the tears. He wants to love on us and kiss our head a million times. He is our Daddy God.

One of my all time favorite worship songs is called “Wrap me in your arms” by Michael Gungor. It rings true to how I feel about Sage, it’s the way God feels about us. He loves us. He wraps us in his arms for comfort. It’s the place I want to be all the time. In his arms…

“Wrap me in your arms” by Michael Gungor

There is a God who loves me
Who wraps me in His arms
And that is the place where I’m changed
And that’s where I belong

Take me to that place Lord
To that secret place where
I can be with You
You can make me like You
Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in your arms


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