“Losing” my mind

So yesterday while I was at the gym, I was browsing through the magazines and saw an article Title that caught my mind “How to loose 10 pounds instantly” So OF COURSE I picked it up and wanted to read it! And you know what it was about?? if you bet someone, like put money down, to who looses the weight the fastest, you’ll win by loosing the weight and maybe even some money. And it makes since. We humans tend to get more and more competitive as years go on. We love a good challenge. And why not challenge our bodies.

I sort of did something like that with BJ on Saturday. We are going on a trip in August and I want to look my best. I have been struggling with my weight ever since I moved out. I got a sit down job and the pounds followed me there. UGH. I hate it! Anyways, I started a new diet on Monday and I told BJ if I loose “x” amount of weight will you give me money to buy new clothes! (I’m a stay-at-home-mommy. Money and shopping for me is a far fetched thing! So I was excited about this wager) Well, he upped the anty and bet me a tiny bit more weight loss and MORE money!!!!


So far, I’m only 4 days into this challenge. I have a 6 week goal. But right now I feel so discouraged. I am eating crazy healthy and working out a lot more in one week then I ever have! It’s so easy to get discouraged right away. Not seeing immediate results. Not feeling any different. And on top of all of that, I have a world class cold that is kicking my butt. So therefore, I want to screw this healthy thing and go back to enjoying carbs and desserts and sugar and soda!

Ahhh….. oh well… I will survive.

Anyone else on the diet wagon? Anyone else wants to share in pitty with me… hahaha….