Stats and percentages

I just want to start this by saying, this is just a rant. Something I’ve been thinking about but in NO MEANS related to any conversation that I’ve had. This is just my heart and things that I have personally been convicted of. So no hard feeling… this is just thoughts on a page πŸ™‚

Before having Sage, I planned her life out. I want her to grow up and be a dancer like I was. A strong and confident girl but humble and giving of her time to serve others. I want her to be liked and loved by everyone like we do. I want her to come to know Jesus at an early ages and LONG to come to know him and grow closer to him. I want her to be a good friend and a wonderful wife and mom. All these things I still think about and pray over her. But there are times where I worry about her.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s only 8 months old and she has a whole life to live.. but MAN.. this world has come to make new moms think that our kids have to be at a curtain percentage every stage of their life and has to know “X” amount of things or do “X” amount of stuff at an “X” age… Grrrrr… can’t I just go to a Dr appointment without the “Well, Last time we saw Sage she was at the 95 percentile for height but now she’s at the 50th percent. And she’s not rolling yet but hopefully by the next visit she will be.” And oh I like this one “a fat baby is a healthy baby” (although I am by no means saying I wish Sage wasn’t… plump πŸ™‚ I love her chunky rolls and only wish chunk would be as cute on me as they are on her! just sayin’…)

Anyways. I feel like anymore as moms we have enough to worry about. Sleepless nights. Teeth. Bumps and bruises. Walking… talking… you know… the works!! To many times Dr’s or maybe just people in general are to quick to label a kid as short or tall. Fat or skinny. Smart or behind. Can’t my kid just BE!?

Also, as a mom it is SO HARD to not compare my child to yours. Wishing she was walking or talking. Because some of my girlfriends girls are saying words and are close to walking. Or waving HI or BYE! Sage doesn’t do that. She just looks at you and smiles…

Yes, there are children in the world that have special needs or that truly are behind. But they are still a kid! You can still have your hopes and dreams for them. Yes, the path may have changed a tiny bit. They may never be tall enough to be in the NBA but maybe they’ll be an excellent runner or piano player. You just never know! You can’t limit a child just because the world does!

I have a few people in my life that have kids that aren’t where they are suppose to be. But my goodness, they are so smart in their own way!! My Best Friend, Kristin, has a son named Daniel. When I met Daniel for the first time he was SO tiny! He looked like a precious moments doll. But this kid is far from average. He has a lot of disabilities that not even his Dr’s understand them all. And when Daniel was a baby, Kristin was told that he will probably never walk or talk. He won’t be able to take care of himself or learn in a “normal” environment. MAN, did he prove those Dr’s wrong!! No, Daniel was not walking when he was one.. not even at 2! He was barely 4 years old when he could walk straight and not stumble. BUT HE’S WALKING! He plays, he talks your ear off!!! He communicates and feeds himself. All those “stats and percentages” didn’t apply to him! He beat the odds and he is an amazing little boy! And I love his mommy for being a strong woman and determined to make him more then a child with disabilities. Daniel has a long way to go, but he has come this far and I am so proud of him. My little Angel baby πŸ™‚ (xoxox.. I love you Daniel Peyton :))

Stats and percentages are only guides. Please know my heart when I say that I know that they are there for a reason. But as a first time mom they are high expectations! Every dr’s appointment I am worried if we’re going to “pass the test”. If Sage is were she needs to be. I pray that I can raise her properly and not make her think that she has to be the way the world thinks she needs to be. If she’s short forever.. OH WELL!!! I’ve seen a lot of awesome dancers that are height challenged πŸ˜‰

Prov. 22:6Β Β “Train a child in the way he should go, Β and when he is old he will not turn from it.”


3 thoughts on “Stats and percentages

  1. Aaron J says:

    Totally been there, Cherith. With Andrew, I totally obsessed over whether he was learning quick enough, walking soon enough, all that crap. I don’t do it nearly as much with Isabella (well, maybe a little, she IS after all my little girl…), but yeah, I HATE the expectations they put on kids. Our new Pediatrician told us we needed to give her formula to bring up her weight. What a moron. Look at her mother, ‘nuf said. Our kids don’t have a CHANCE at being pudgy. I can already hardly stand Andrew sitting on my lap cuz of his boney butt, lol!

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