The Swap

As I sit here typing I am faithfully eating banana bread.

I say “faithful” because as I am on the adventures of changing the way we eat I VOW to not give up foods that I love.

Banana bread… being one of them šŸ™‚

I am an avid magazine reader! I LOVE “Real Simple” and I am subscribed to Marth Stewarts “Everyday Food” and on a regular basis theseĀ mags. are giving you tips on how to make meals that you love, healthier. I have tried to make my top favorite dish, mac and cheese, healthier by swapping out some cheese with cottage cheese or low-fat cheese… but I never like it. So that one is in the works… (if you have a healthier way to eat mac and cheese I’m all ears…)

This week I have been CRAVING banana bread.

Now, to all you super healthy, super workout pros, you are thinking… “Ignore your cravings!” “eat an apple” “Get up and do something!”Ā  Well let me just tell you, I have tried swapping out craving with other things. Exercise, apples, cashews, tea or coffee… and when these work they are great, but nothing can fulfill my NEED for banana bread! HA!

SO… here are a few tips that I have learned and I want to share it with you. These swaps are good for more than just banana bread as well.

I don’t have a special recipe that was passed down from my grandmother or anything. Almost all banana breadĀ recipes are the same. I am just going to tell you what I swapped out…

First – I took out butter and used extra virgin olive oilĀ  –Ā  my recipe called for 1/2 cupĀ (1 stick) of butter therefore I used 1/4 cup and 2 tbls of EVOO

Next – It calls for buttermilk which I almost never have and used greek yogurt –Ā  measurements stay the same. Normally I would swap it for vanilla yogurt but had greek instead. Because of the consistency in g.yogurt sometimes if you add a hint of milk it will thin out.

Also – white flour for whole wheat flourĀ –Ā  now, this does make whatever you are making more dense, but I personally think it makes it taste better. I just recently read an article that said to try putting it in COOKIES! Yes, another excuse to make something we all love šŸ™‚

I am sure that with the eggs you can use an egg beaters or egg white mix, but I didn’t want to change EVERYTHING and wanted to make sure that I had some guarantee that it would be moist.

As I went to check on my bread for the last 9 minutes it filled my house with yummy goodness and then theĀ timer went off. I am not patient when it comes to food so I instantly pulled it out and cut a slice. I was pretty nervous that I ruined it but…. it was GOOD!!!!! It was moist, it taste like banana and I felt ZERO guilt eating a slice šŸ™‚

Now, as I tell you all of this I also want to make sure you know that I am trying my hardest to not go over board and eat the loaf to myself. All things are good in moderation. Control yourself people. Your scale will thank you.

So what are other good swapping tips that you would like to share??


Keeping up with the Carpenter’s

OK. Don’t be so shocked. I made it back around to the blogging world! I just couldn’t hold back any more. Learning to balance our busy life and a busy One year old is, well.. interesting.

So. Lets do a quick update.

Sage is ONE now!! I know I meant to post so much while she was growing up, but I hate to admit I have failed Miserably. On a regular basis I am thinking of things to talk about on here but it ALWAYS slips away from me.

Sage is walking all over the place. Learning to balance and dance while standing is so funny. She also has a list of words she spits out. Her FAVORITE and first word was “cat”! hahaha… We have a cat, she’s not nice, but Sage LOVES her! Talia, our cat, was the first thing that Sage put two and two together. Then came “dada”. She loves her daddy. It’s easy to say that she is a daddy’s girl and he is wrapped around her finger (although I’m sure he won’t admit it) She also says “Whas’ that” to everything. Her new favorite saying is “Eah!”. I have a new niece whom I babysit 3 days a week and she learned her name, Leah, much faster then I thought she would. Now, every baby is “eah”. She has recently starting saying “HI baby!” she comes by that honestly. We say that to her AND Leah. She hears it all the time.
Sage Loves to play with her friends and gives tons and tons of love to them. If you are not a fan of germs, tell me ahead of time, other wiseĀ my daughter will tackle your child šŸ™‚

As for me, I am still a Stay-at-home-mommy. About 4 months ago I started my own business called Thirty-One. I do home shows (ex: Pampered Chef, tastefully simple…) but I sell purses, totes, organizing bags, things for your kiddos.. the works! I love it. It gave me extra cash to spoil myself and my hubby. I really enjoy being apart of an awesome company. It’s really great to have my own schedule and work about 3 hours at a time! Yeah, dream job! Check me out and I will help fulfill your purse dreams…

Last but not least is My Husband, BJ. He is still working so hard for ADP. We have not moved to Westfield, IN yet. W want too and it’s in the works, but there are some things that we have to finish up here. Please pray for BJ as he is making big decisions for our family. God gave him a great idea to start a financial blog and if he succeeds, could be an awesome addition to our lives.

As much as I plan to update on here I am no blogger and I have a few people who I would HIGHLY recommend you keep up with.

Cassie Beer www.cassiejoanne.blogspot.comĀ  << She has an incredible family and a wonderful testimony about her little man, Avram. She is a must read. You won’t regret it.

Betsy King <<I personally do not know her, but she is a real, down to earth mommy. And she ALWAYS post amazing pictures.

Brad Ruggles <<As of right now, his post are few and far between, but when he does post, he is witty, fun, and yet makes you think. (He is also our future pastor :))

And one blog that I have recently been stalking is << if you want good insight on saving money, this is the place for you. She is FILLED with info!

I have a few blogs up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share, like: I’m Debt Free part 2, Homemade Healthy snacks, organizing (I laugh to myself thinking about this one), Friends, and more trips!

To conclude this post I have come to realize a few things from this past year…

I am always going to be losing weight and my house will always be messy.

I don’t have as much grace that I have claimed for years, butĀ thank the Lord he has enough grace to teach me.

I have an amazing family.

My husband and I are on a journey. It’s been tough, but I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else.

And I’m pretty spoiled by this little girl I call Mine. Never in my wildest dreams did I think being a mommy would be this amazing.

Stay tuned…