The Swap

As I sit here typing I am faithfully eating banana bread.

I say “faithful” because as I am on the adventures of changing the way we eat I VOW to not give up foods that I love.

Banana bread… being one of them 🙂

I am an avid magazine reader! I LOVE “Real Simple” and I am subscribed to Marth Stewarts “Everyday Food” and on a regular basis these mags. are giving you tips on how to make meals that you love, healthier. I have tried to make my top favorite dish, mac and cheese, healthier by swapping out some cheese with cottage cheese or low-fat cheese… but I never like it. So that one is in the works… (if you have a healthier way to eat mac and cheese I’m all ears…)

This week I have been CRAVING banana bread.

Now, to all you super healthy, super workout pros, you are thinking… “Ignore your cravings!” “eat an apple” “Get up and do something!”  Well let me just tell you, I have tried swapping out craving with other things. Exercise, apples, cashews, tea or coffee… and when these work they are great, but nothing can fulfill my NEED for banana bread! HA!

SO… here are a few tips that I have learned and I want to share it with you. These swaps are good for more than just banana bread as well.

I don’t have a special recipe that was passed down from my grandmother or anything. Almost all banana bread recipes are the same. I am just going to tell you what I swapped out…

First – I took out butter and used extra virgin olive oil  –  my recipe called for 1/2 cup (1 stick) of butter therefore I used 1/4 cup and 2 tbls of EVOO

Next – It calls for buttermilk which I almost never have and used greek yogurt –  measurements stay the same. Normally I would swap it for vanilla yogurt but had greek instead. Because of the consistency in g.yogurt sometimes if you add a hint of milk it will thin out.

Also – white flour for whole wheat flour –  now, this does make whatever you are making more dense, but I personally think it makes it taste better. I just recently read an article that said to try putting it in COOKIES! Yes, another excuse to make something we all love 🙂

I am sure that with the eggs you can use an egg beaters or egg white mix, but I didn’t want to change EVERYTHING and wanted to make sure that I had some guarantee that it would be moist.

As I went to check on my bread for the last 9 minutes it filled my house with yummy goodness and then the timer went off. I am not patient when it comes to food so I instantly pulled it out and cut a slice. I was pretty nervous that I ruined it but…. it was GOOD!!!!! It was moist, it taste like banana and I felt ZERO guilt eating a slice 🙂

Now, as I tell you all of this I also want to make sure you know that I am trying my hardest to not go over board and eat the loaf to myself. All things are good in moderation. Control yourself people. Your scale will thank you.

So what are other good swapping tips that you would like to share??


4 thoughts on “The Swap

  1. Kassie says:

    Good swaps Cherith! Would you post the recipe? (WITH your swaps, of course!) I have a “healthy” recipe for banana bread I got from someone a few years back, but not sure how it compares to yours. (I think mine swaps in more spices so you use less sugar overall.)
    Yay for yummy food that is healthy too! 🙂

  2. Nicole Pitcher says:

    You can also substitute applesauce for the butter/oil as well….i regularly do this for banana and zucchini bread, since both usually have alot of oil in them. 😀

    • Cherith says:

      Nicole – I totally forgot about that!! I need to do that next time because I love adding (changing) to things that have more flavor! yum 🙂

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