90 day promise

I can’t believe I am putting this out there… but here it goes

So, awhile ago I purchased this workout program called Power 90. When I first purchased it from my coach and friend, Tekoa, I remember sitting down with her telling her how much I did not like looking in the mirror and crying to her that I am just not happy with myself. See, my friend Tekoa and her husband KILLED it in losing weight and finishing the program. Now not are they only in shape but they promote and LIVE a healthy lifestyle. It’s so much more then weight loss, its happiness, being about to keep up, feeling good almost every single day! so anyway, I bought the program. Got a little over 30 days in, saw A LOT of results, then life hit. I started in September, in October we traveled A LOT!! I mean every weekend, during the week… you name it, we were barely home. So the program stopped. Holidays came and went and there I was 14 pounds heavier and miserable, AGAIN!

The New Year came and I did what everyone else did and made a new year’s resolution to officially loose the weight and KEEP IT OFF. As well as a few other resolutions that I thought I should do. Well, let’s just say, I am now finally ready to live out these resolutions that I wanted to do, and I’m giving myself 90 days to do it. And let me make this small confession, I am terrible at keeping promises. Especially ones I make to myself.

So, here’s my list. And for those of you who read this I give you ALL permission to ask me how I’m doing. (talk about motivation and accountablity!)

Starting today, March 29th:

1.) The first and most import – Making time for just me and Jesus. I pray every day, but there is just something about reading the word, soaking it in, understanding God’s love, and sharing it and living it out. Makes me a better person in every way. I need Jesus.

2.) Getting a hold on my health, starting with POWER 90 – This is a 90 day program that I have YET to finish. I am starting from the beginning as if I have never done it. It won’t be easy. I can barely remember to finish a 10 day prescription. No joke.

3.) Gluten Free – I am going to try and go gluten free. At least for 30 days to see how I feel. I do not have Celiac Disease but I do hope that it will help my moods, my energy, the way my body feels, ect. Although, it will not be hard core gluten free. I have read that some dairy has gluten in it, and with the workout program I am doing, I don’t think I will be able to find (and afford) different sources of protein.

4.) Getting ORGANIZED!! – Goodness, I WILL accomplish this if it gets the best of me!! I am headed that way, but I am determined to get this done and settled in 90 days.

5.) ZUMBA – I have been talking about doing Zumba classes for about 6 months now. Well, now i have purchased classes. So, i have no excuse.

6.) Thirty-One Promotion –  right now I am just a regular ol’ consultant, but if i can get one more person under me qualified, I will be earning just a little bit extra cash. Nothing like a perk 🙂


One thought on “90 day promise

  1. Jenny Brannies says:

    I have a massive amount of protein shakes/soups you can have.. let me know next time you are down here and I will leave them on the porch for you. I have bought and tried at least 30 different shakes and drinks to find just the right one that stays down after my surgery.
    If you can afford it, GNC sells ISOPURE http://www.theisopurecompany.com/
    which is what I am now drinking daily to get my protein in. It’s about $3.50 a bottle but worth it for me. I was spending more than that at Starbucks each day.
    Good luck on your journey. I’ve lost 70lbs in seven weeks but I had weight loss surgery.

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