30 days in


So here we are. 30 days into my 90 day challenge. I just read over everything that I wanted to accomplish in 90 days and boy do I have a GREAT progress report!!

Ok #1… Me and Jesus. I’ll be honest. My daily devotion is not there but it’s in the works. My relationship with Christ has REALLY been tested lately. I will not go into details and I will save that for another day, But never in my life have I relied on God more than I do now!

#2… Sticking to and doing the Power 90 program. I Have lost 8 pounds. Reading that doesn’t seem like a lot to me. In fact, lately I have gotten terribly discouraged because my ultimate goal is to lose weight. BUT on the flip side I have lost 3 INCHES around my waist! 3 INCHES!! In only 30 days people! That’s huge! Working out 6 days a week is a hard commitment, but in order to lose weight and inches you MUST incorporate a workout routine while eating right. Even if it’s walking every day. I can lecture all I want, but the proof is in the pudding. I have tried to just eat healthy and portion control by itself and it works, but working out makes it just that much better. After 30 days of being CONSISTENT I can’t imagine not working out. I have gone two days in a row not working out and having cheat meals (not for the WHOLE two days but one thrown in) and I feel like I jumped off the band wagon and it’s begging me to come back on. Even though that’s not true. hahaha… just statin’ the facts people. (Side note: Ladies, I would NOT recommend starting a diet or life change right before Aunt Flow comes to town!! You have bad enough cravings when you are trying to start healthy eating habits and then throw that time of the month in there! Goodness, it’s not easy!!! Remember, it takes 21 days to change a bad habit into a good one. Meaning, if you want to stop drinking pop, it will take 21 days for your body to adjust.)

Goal #3… Going (semi) Gluten free. I have thought and thought about this part of my post. I want to make sure that I come across very clear and also respectful. First, I want to say, If you are Gluten free (GF) for health reasons I commend you! Gluten is all around us and in MANY, MANY things that you wouldn’t think of. It is not an easy task nor is it cheap to replace. I have many friends that have to be gluten free for health reason. I am not one of those people. I read an article about going GF as a diet fad and how, honestly, it’s not wise. Gluten is wheat and wheat is carbs and you need carbs in your diet. I choose to go GF (not carb free, GLUTEN free. Fruits are carbs and I need options) for multiple reasons and after some research and great advice from a friend, I decided I will try it for 30 days. In the last 30 days I have had wheat products twice and I really noticed a difference the next day. I was sick, bloated, and grumpy and I felt strange pains. I thought it was a fluke so I ate it again as part of a “cheat meal” and again, same thing, same symptoms. So, now I have decided that I am going to stick to being GF for as long as I can be. I do feel much better and I am never bloated (that’s a big deal for a woman!) I’m not sure what this means for me. I just know I feel better and so far, it works for me. If you are planning on doing GF for diet reasons do one thing for me, research, research, research! GF is not a diet fad. I know from personal experience and research, that once you add it back into your diet you will most likely gain weight.  I am choosing to stick with it because of the way I feel. I am making myself rely on more natural, raw foods to fill me up instead of bread or wheat products. I feel healthier and I am excited to dig deeper on this GFree journey.

#4… I want organization in my life!!!! Goodness, being a stay-at-home-mom you would think that I would have this down after a year! I SO do not! A friend of mine recommended a book for me to read called “The Sidetracked Home Executives”. It’s all about a few moms that lived in chaos and wanted their life back without last-minute clean ups. This has been my life! Friends come over for a dinner and we find bags and boxes that we can throw stuff in and do a quick sweep and dusting. UGH! That gets so old. So this book was filled with help and I am in the process of putting their Process in the works. I will keep you updated on this. It’s an interesting system and I need it. I needed something cause I had NOTHIN’!

#5… ZUMBA! I’m doing it people!!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!! This is something for any woman, shape, size & background, rhythm or no rhythm. Zumba is a blast and it’s encouraging to be with other woman. It’s also motivating. Oh, and the music is AWESOME! lol

Last but not least #6… Thirty-One promotion. I did it!!! I got promoted and I didn’t even try! I only have two girls underneath me but they sold enough to promote me to a Senior Consultant! So my next goal for 31 is to just have a great year of sales. There are so many things that I would like to see happen with the money I earn with 31, but that won’t happen by itself. I need shows! So, if you’re out there and you want free stuff, CALL ME and I will Hook you up with a fun party and hopefully a lot of free stuff!! www.mythirtyone.com/37069

Ok. That’s all. Sorry this was so long. I honestly didn’t think I was going accomplish so much in only 30 days! Maybe I need to have a new list…. Neh. I need to see where this one takes me.