Discipline dumps


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Ever since my lovely birthday I have had many life “ah-ha!” moments as Oprah would call it. I have realized a few things about myself that I need to change. Although there are moments where I feel like I have really missed the mark, I am also still young and can still make changes for my future.

One of those things I have realized is my lack of discipline. I have lots of drive and want to do things, even simple task like making the bed every day. But when it comes down to do that simple task I find myself being forgetful, finding other things to do, or just plan not wanting to do it! I am not organized on many levels and I never have an agenda for the day until I wake up. It’s funny when I start noticing these small flaws it’s like God puts “help” arrows everywhere. It just so happens that a blog that I follow, Money Saving Mom, just started posting articles about how to be more disciplined. I always tend to overwhelm myself and want to do multiple things in one day. and I’m not talking 2 or three, I’m talking 5 small things and 2 or 3 BIG things like organizing a closet.

Learning to take things one at a time can be hard but rewarding for me. I have always loved going to bed with a clean kitchen. I was doing so well for awhile but with the recent selling of our home I have found myself getting lazy and wanting to enjoy people not randomly showing up to walk thru our house! (if you have sold a house you know how annoying it can be to have a clean house 24/7. Especially with a toddler!) I have also let my laundry get behind because I find that I can hide it much better then I can deal with it. (i know, it sounds gross, but I do wear clean clothes :))

So with lots of determination to make new and good habits, and with the help of technology, I have found a reason and a way to be just that much more disciplined in the little task. I recently discovered Dailyfeats.com. It is a website (or smart phone app!) that you can put in daily task and earn points for them. BUT the greatest thing about this website, with every 5,000 points you earn you can earn a $10 gift card to specific places. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! This is a great motivation and rewarding. I have wanted new music and getting an iTunes card just for washing my dishes and making my bed every day is so nice! (I just realized I sound like a young kid with a chore chart and rewards. LOL mommy’s need something too!!)

I’m not just relying on this website to motivate me. I think my frustrations and self diagnosing helps too. I want to be better on so many levels! I have new goals for my life and I plan to keep them, even if it takes YEARS to create a new habit.

On to the next goal….


One thought on “Discipline dumps

  1. Jenny Brannies says:

    I think it’s great that you are doing this. I know I couldn’t. Doug would love it if I was like that, though. So I might try…. if even just a tiny bit 🙂

    Also, since you are moving down here, I thought I’d share a deal site with you owned by my friend Beth Montgomery. She used to head up Northside Moms.. Caleb and I used to attend her playgroups.

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