Big Carpenter Update

Ok Friends and Family, here goes a huge update for us. So grab a cup of Joe, put the kids down and grab a pen and paper… ok, maybe not that last part… but this update is a dozy.

These last (almost) 2 years have been quiet the journey for us. In the summer of 2010 we stepped down from our home church to go to a new church in Westfield, Indiana. That winter my husband and I experience a lot of difficulties so then we tried to figure out if we should even move yet. We stayed in Fort Wayne, worked on our marriage and figured out our lives, and then the spring of 2011 I become pregnant with baby #2. Soon after we found out that there is a position available for BJ in the Indianapolis office and there starts our journey to move as we decide this is God opening a huge door for us. Only weeks later, we lose our precious baby and we decide to keep going towards the goal of moving to the north area of Indy.

So, in July BJ starts his lovely job in the Indy office and we put our house up for sale in August. As he travels during the week down to Indy, staying the night many places here and there, Sage and I stay home and try to sell this house! After only a few short months, the very last day of October, a young lady walks thru our home and decides that she wants our house to be her first official home!! HALLELUJIAH OUR HOUSE IS SOLD!!!!….. Well, almost. See, her lenders (as much as they like to disagree) didn’t fully do their job and weeks after we excepted her offer we find out that she didn’t file her taxes for the last two years. (I know, we’ve all said it. Who doesn’t know to file their taxes? Don’t worry, she isn’t a criminal trying to hide something, she truly did forget) The week of thanksgiving, thinking we were going to close just weeks before Christmas, the offer has to be put on hold as she gets her taxes straightened out and what not, before she can officially close.

Now here we are 2.5 months in and we are still waiting for the official closing date from our buyer. This date has been changed numerous times and lots of different things have tried to take place with getting things moved along much faster but to no avail… we wait.

Thankfully, with this time that we had, we were able to find a beautiful house for ourselves in Westfield and we are so anxious to get moved in. Due to the recent contract that we signed with our new home we were unable to purchase the house right away because we had to wait till our home sold in Fort Wayne. I know this is all so confusing. And trust me, it really is, but all in all it is now getting worked out and we finally have a close date for ourselves which is February 10th!! We are still waiting for the girl that bought our home to close but we are taking a huge leap of faith and hoping that she will close right before or at the same time we close our new house.

Let me brag a little bit about this house. You see, it was NOTHING that we originally were looking for. Ask our realtor Shannon! She practically giggled (with me) as I told her that this was the house I wanted. See, we thought we were going to buy our dream home or something close to it when we moved. We wanted this next house to be big and spacious and allow us to stay there…well… for a really long time! We wanted a FULL finished basement, 3 car garage, 5 bedrooms with a loft up stairs 3 or more bathrooms and a killer master suite. Oh and don’t forget the glorious chef’s kitchen that would be any baker/cooks dream! Well, this lovely house on Stockbridge is beautiful. It has a half finished basement with 5 bedrooms upstairs but no loft, just a hallway. I have a beautiful remodeled kitchen, but it is nowhere near the “chef’s kitchen” that I originally wanted. But the cabinets and counter tops are beautiful and when you walk into the house you can just feel the warmth and the homey-ness this house puts off. It’s what I like to call a colonial style home. Brick front with lots of windows. We live on a corner lot which gives our yard a little bit of a bigger appeal. Our addition is something worth bragging about! Although it is a strict addition with lots of HOA laws I think it is well worth it! This addition is the oldest in Westfield with LOTS of trees, a beautiful white steeple church when you pull in smack dab in the middle, a day care center, dog park, snow sledding hills, a huge pool, 2 parks and best of all an APPLE ORCHARD! I am so ready to get into this home and decorate it! It has beautiful dark cherry wood floors throughout the first level and tan walls just begging for some color. I have always been a huge fan of all things “soft vintage” with a touch of chic and this house is perfect for that style. I can’t wait to light the fireplace, sit with friends and enjoy a cup of tea with some sweets. I can’t wait to use our huge deck and have people over for a BBQ or sit and listen upstairs while BJ and his buddies enjoy our basement as it has already been deemed “the man cave”!!

We are so ready to move!!

But until then… our house in Fort Wayne sits packed. My fridge is pretty bare and I am doing laundry like a crazy person because I could get the call from my husband saying “she closed today! We’re moving in 3 days!!” (which very much could happen)

Thank you to all of our friends and family for the prayers, the patience, the ENOURMOUS amount of love thru this time. This is only a small part of our current story. There has been a lot of adjusting as I have lived the single life for the last 6 months and there is going to be a lot more adjusting when we move. I am nervous to be far away from my family and I know it kills them at the thought of it, but hey, it only takes us 1.5 hours to get to our new exit!!! See, we’re not THAT far….

It will be good. It’s what we are supposed to do. So many things have pointed in the Westfield direction. We are SO EXCITED for what’s happening at Imagine church and we are just itching to get down there to be 2 feet in and fully committed. BJ and I have felt the effects of this time apart not just emotionally but physically. We need to be moved and as of right now… it could happen any day….

Thanks for reading this awfully long post. Next prayer list for us is adjusting. Lots and lots of adjusting.

**for those pro’s at moving, especially with little ones, I will take any and all tips.**

**mini update- all ends are closed and we are moving on the 11th and the girl who bought our home moves in the next day!! God really does have perfect timing 🙂 **


My food addiction

I have so many feelings about the word “diet”. This year I didn’t make one new years resolution because my goals for my life hasn’t change just because another year has started. BUT my goal for better health is still my number one goal. I have realized in the last few months that my relationship to food is so much more of a deeper issue then I expected. It was taking place of my relationship with God! I know that sounds so silly, but think about it. What do you turn too when your upset, need a lift, need something to make you happy? For me it was food. Every time I was upset, I craved chocolate and sweets, every time I needed a pick me up I grabbed coffee or a soda. Every time I was hungry I grabbed chips and junk food. I never truly craved anything that was good for me, including the Lord.

Anyway, as some of you know I started reading a book called Made to crave by Lysa Terkhurst. It has been my eye opening experience that I needed and has changed the way I look at how I resolve my issues. Today Lysa pretty much broke down a gist of what her book is about and I HIGHLY recommend reading her blog post for today.

Her title for this blog is something that most people would never think that food would be a “war for your soul” but it is. Just like anything else, food is taking over our lives and becoming that filler instead of what it was naturally intended for. My issues with my body and my health has just as strong of an effect over me therefore making me go to the one thing that temporarily fixes it, food. I take no credit in this new discovery of my food addiction. I mean, I knew my issues where MUCH deeper but Lysa Terkhurst lays it all out in a way that really helped me examine my soul.

My mama is going to start a “Made to Crave” group and blog more deeply about our journey. I encourage you to join us in February. Grab the book, dig deep and go thru this with other women who share in the same struggles. This is NOT A DIET BOOK!!! Just a way to open up your eyes to what is the most important thing you can put in your body, more so then food… Jesus