2 hours IS FAR!

As a lot of you have noticed… We’re moving tomorrow. And a lot more of you might have noticed that this is a little hard for me. Some of you are veterans at moving. It’s nothing new to you and distance from your family has been a good thing for some. A lot of people have told my family and I that 2 hours really isn’t that far away. I mean come on, God could have called us a few STATES away (like so many of my friends in the ministry).

Let me make a quick DISCLAIMER: I am in no way shape or form regretting this move. Not one bit. I know with zero doubt that we are going where God is calling us. I knew from the day I married BJ that we would go somewhere involving ministry. We at one point wondered if we should go to Hillsong in Australia to become more educated and what not in the ministry, music field. I know we are going where we are supposed to go.

But that doesn’t make this move any easier…

A lot of my close friends KNOW that my family and I…well, we are not normal. We are CRAZY CLOSE!! I mean, I LOVE my brothers with everything that is in me. My mom is my BEST FRIEND and well, it goes without saying, I am a daddy’s girl 🙂 My mom did a lot of things right and one of those things was helping my siblings and I appreciate each other and love each other to the core. I remember when I moved out of the house, I was 21, my brother Jordan was already moved out and I found an apartment on the southwest side of town. My conversations with my brother Jordan went something like this…”So. I got an apartment!” J: “I know” Me: “I really like it. It’s almost brand new and it’s over by Jefferson point” J: “I don’t like it,” Me: “Why?” J: “it’s to far away” Me: “no its not. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there” J:”I don’t care. it’s too far. What if something happens to you? I can’t get to you fast enough!”

Yep. That is my relationship with my brothers. A lot of people just don’t understand it. I had many guy friends tell me that it wasn’t natural. Most girls didn’t understand why it was so important to be there for my brothers all the time. My relationship with my mom is nothing to be compared too. My daddy is just that… MY DADDY!! And I have an expanded family. I have sister-in-laws and nieces and have been adopted as “Aunt Cece” by many. Luke is having another baby and it is KILLING me that I won’t be close, that I will have to PLAN to come down and hold her for the first time. It’s killing me that I can’t watch Leah grow up and that there is a chance she won’t remember me. It’s killing me that with all the little things that have Happened with Madi that I won’t just be a phone call away any more. (I’m still trying to convince Chelsea to move with me ;)) Myles is not my nephew but I love that little boy so much and it’s killing me that someone else will have him during the day and watch him grow. And Lucy, My first niece, the one that started it all… I always wanted to be that special Aunt for her. The one that she can call and have another place to escape too. Her other best friend. I love that girl and all that she is SO MUCH! And don’t even get me started on the people in my life that haven’t had a baby yet! Steve and Meg did SO MUCH for us when Sage was born and now I have no idea how I am going to help them once they have a little one. I want to be a part of their life as much as they are with us…

I know that 2 hours isn’t far. I know that some of you that live states away would DIE to be this close to your family. But I have NEVER moved out of Fort Wayne until now. I have NEVER experienced anything like this. And now I have Sage. She loves my family about as much as I do. She loves her Gigi and Pawpaw. They are pure gold to her! She loves her cousins and cherishes them and kisses them. Her aunts and uncles are her favorite playmates. And don’t even get me started on her little friends that she has. MYLES. Oh Myles. That boy has no idea what he has gotten into over the last year and half. Just a few days ago Sage was YELLING at me “NO GO THIS WAY! I GO TO UNCLE TIMS HOUSE!!”…. man…. she loves them (the McEwen family) so, so, so, much.

There is so much more to why this move is hard. Including my dear friends that I have made over these last few years. I don’t have a lot of friends but I have enough to know that the ones I have are incredibly special to me and irreplaceable. I know that not everyone will be able to fully understand. I know I have been flooding your facebook with a timeline of our move and sad faces and ill feelings. I am so sorry. I am very excited about the move and I am sure we will be just fine. It’s just so new to me. So different. So really, prayers are good. That’s all I really need. Until then…

Less than 24 hours and Westfield will have a new family….