Moved, settled, Conquered!

Here we are, 6 weeks in our new house and I feel like we have been here for years! Let’s talk briefly about the moving experience and what it was like for me leaving Fort Wayne. As most of you know, I was born and raised in the Fort. My whole family is there and I have only left for brief vacations. I guess you could say that I’ve always known that I wasn’t going to stay in Fort Wayne, but I always thought it would be for college or some stage in life where you are super adventurous and willing to go anywhere. At this point, I have been married for 4 years and now have started a small family when, let’s be honest, a daughters family (that she was born into) is priceless!! So, that being said the move was a little hard. Meeting new friends is also a new element to us. I know that is so odd for some people but we have had the same friends for YEARS!! They knew us. They know our corkiness and when to take us seriously. They know our favorite places and know what matters to us. So moving from them was a hard step too. But, all in all, I have personally been back to Fort Wayne countless times and I have also had a lot of friends visit us here. It’s nice that we are still within driving distance.

Ok, so the move. Let’s just say, it took a LOT LONGER than we expected. If for some reason there is a person reading this and you have a moving company let me make a heed of caution to you; DO NOT OVER WORK YOUR GUYS!!!! If you only have 3-4 guys that work for you, I can bet that working them 14-16 hour days, everyday, lifting heavy furniture in and out of houses is probably not a good idea. And secondly, if you have a few guys that are not capable of knowing there limits (or in our case their HEALTH limits) DON’T LET THEM WORK!!! We had a young guy in the midst of our move tell us that he was a diabetic but because of how tired he was he slammed a MONSTER ENERGY DRINK just before arriving. I never thought that I would have to supervise someone that is working in my homes with a phone in hand ready to call the EMS. Needless to say, with these two components, the guys didn’t do a flawless move. Which honestly we didn’t expect to happen anyway.

After our adventures in the move I kissed the floor to our new house and we were welcomed by a lot of church friends (now family) and we unpacked within a week or two. There are still lots of little projects that we have around the house. All the closets need to be tamed, all the curtains need to be hung, we have a breakfast nook bench being installed soon, and lots of furniture that needs to be bought. We have a finished basement that is screaming to be an entertainment space and walls that are begging for some color. But all in all, if I had to live with the house like it is, I could. We bought a home that was newly remolded and doesn’t really need any work done just some finishing touches.

I love where we are living. If you have never been to this area you will be pleasantly surprised. It is 30 minutes north of Downtown Indy so you miss all the Indy traffic and rush. It has a sweet southern charm to it with lots of tree and LOTS of sunshine oh and of course LOTS of shopping!! I know that there will be a handful of farmers markets to choose from this summer and our addition has its own pool to jump into! We have made lots of new friends and it’s refreshing to have a new start in a new town. I miss my friends and Family greatly!!! I don’t feel like I can contact them enough, but we have definitely kept busy!!! Imagine Church has taken off and our involvement has grown. Sage is meeting new little friends and I am hoping soon to get into a mommy’s group once we feel a little bit more settled.

I feel like in just a few short 6 weeks Sage has changed so much!! Not only has she gotten taller but she amazes me with what she knows. A few days ago while watching Super Why they asked the kids to recognize letters and she recognized every single one! Now, we have been working with her for awhile with letters and we knew that she knew quite a bit, but to hear it on her own was amazing! She has also been really into shapes and shocked me when she knew what an octagon was and then proceeded to make a triangle out of her sunglasses!! It excites me to watch her little brain grow and hold on to all of these things she is learning, but with the good learning things she has also learned to fake cry and NOW FAKE TEARS!!! hahahaha I can laugh about it now but when it happens I can’t help but roll my eyes and tell her to pull herself together. This little girl is independent and a well rounded stubborn child. We have been dealing with the word “no” for awhile and now she says “but I neeeed it!!”. She could probably talk her way out of anything now. This girl has WORDS and it’s fun to watch and listen. And for all of those who say “You want them to talk so badly when they are little but when they do start talking you want them to shut up!” … well, I don’t feel that way. Ha! I love that she talks. I love that she sings. I love that she figures stuff out. I love it all. So when your little one starts talking, cherish it. They will blow your mind 🙂

As far as BJ and I go we are great! There have been lots of testing taking place lately and lots of things that have come up, but if we were to have moved a year ago we would have never been ready. When someone tells you “all in God’s perfect timing” it’s the truth! Although things may not happen when YOU expect them too, it will eventually and when it does you will understand all the details on why it took so long. We thought we were suppose to move 2 years ago, and we know we missed a lot in those 2 years down here, but we are here now and it truly was perfect timing. BJ’s job will always need prayer but he is where he is supposed to be. I am still selling Thirty-One but now I have 2 locations!! We are so excited for everything that is in front of us. And if some of you are wondering if another baby is in the mix, NO! LOL, well, not yet. We’re just not there yet. We have a few things that we want to accomplish before that happens one being another possible trip to Europe with ADP Lord willing.

Well, that’s all that I can think of. I know some of you have been waiting for a little update. This wasn’t much but I thought we would start somewhere. Enjoy your weekend and I hope I can post more often now that we are unpacked 🙂

Love you all,

The Carpenters