5 years and counting!

I know I don’t write much anymore (heck, did I really write much to begin with?) but I thought it would be appropriate to write a little something because today is my husband and I’s 5 year anniversary!

I still can’t believe it’s been 5 years! In Hollywood time that’s like 12 years or something… HA! anyway, It just seems like a huge milestone, especially for us.

If you would have talked to me while we were dating and asked “Are you ready for the hard times?” “Are you prepared to share your WHOLE LIFE with someone?” “Are you ready to butt heads with him and not always think the same way?” My answer would have been something like “BJ and I never fight so why would we later?” “I was born ready to share my life with someone” and “BJ and I have the same goals and dreams so we will always see eye to eye on everything”


For anyone who is married you very well know that hard times are coming, you hardly ever see eye to eye, and really, how can you prepare yourself to be ready to spend the rest of your life with just one person?!

But what I do know is, I wouldn’t trade being married to BJ for any other man. We have hit our rock bottom and came out on top. We have moved away from family and started new some place. We have experienced the joy of welcoming a new baby and the heartache of losing another. We have traveled the world and also love just being home. We are living out our dreams one day at a time and taking things as they come while learning about patience every day.

I am not a pro at this marriage thing but one thing I do know, It is all worth it.

So for those of you who have yet to see the 5 year mark or maybe just embarking on this journey we all call married bliss, remember a few things, You have each other and you are never alone. No one is perfect especially in a relationship. Everything takes time and being willing to listen to one another is key. Cherish each other every single day because you never know what life may bring. And if all else fails, there is NOTHING WRONG with reaching out and getting help!!! Even perfect marriages sometimes need an outside source for counseling. (can I get an AMEN?!)

I love you BJ. Thank you for being patient with me. For being kind to me when I may not be. For trying your best at the encouraging stuff and being a killer dad!!! You really do love me unconditionally and I thank you for that. I wouldn’t trade you for anyone… not even John Mayer 😉

I love you to the moon and back



One thought on “5 years and counting!

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love this post! Happy Anniversary and thank you for being so honest and real. You are a beautiful person and SUCH an encouraging friend! Love you!

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