Then there were 4!

For over 2 years we have enjoyed the life of our little girl Sage Madison. Over the past two years we have loved watching her grow up, become this little lady, and have such character that we could never imagine. Also in the last 2 years we have been thru a lot as a family. BJ and I hit hard times in our marriage, we experienced our first lost with a baby last year and then the beginning of this year we moved our family to a new city to help with a new church. Changes have come and gone quickly in our house. The thought of adding to our family was not in the forefront of our minds. After seeing Sage grow into this little person and out of the baby stage, our desire to have another baby grew deeply and this past September we found out that we are indeed having another baby!

To say that we are excited is an understatement. We LOVE Sage with all of our hearts and the thought of having another like her (or opposite of her) boggles our minds but we wouldn’t change it for anything. Sage is thrilled to be a big sister and has spilled the beans to a few people a little soon HA! But it was hilarious and she just couldn’t help herself. She has loved calling family and telling them that she is going to be a big sister and almost daily rubs my belly. I can’t believe that it has been 3 years since I have been pregnant and Sage will be 3 and a half when the new baby arrives. I have been told this is a great distance between baby one and two. So we are excited for what will happen. Right now we are just trying to get through this first trimester as it is drastically different from when I was pregnant with Sage!

Which leads me to this new stage of pregnancy that I haven’t experienced before; SICKNESS! I never went thru this constant feeling of weakness and nausea with Sage. I have somewhat gotten a handle on it with taking B6 and eating every hour. I never thought I would say that I am sick of eating but good lord, I AM SO SICK OF EATING!!!! I am never without food but even when I do eat its very small portions and I lose interest very quickly. My taste changes hourly and it is such a pain. I haven’t been able to make dinner (besides simple things like soup and PB&J’s) for over 6 weeks if not more. I have barely ventured to the grocery store because it makes me want to lose my stomach. And unfortunately my house has paid for this terribly because I can’t stand or do too much without getting sick. I haven’t “lost it” yet and I am hoping that day never comes. I’m thankful for great resources and friends that have been thru this already and understand where I am coming from and can help.

On the flip side of being sick, you would think I would be losing weight but in fact I gained very quickly this first trimester. In fact, I also “popped” very quickly with this baby. I am super conscience about it knowing I wasn’t in the greatest shape before we got pregnant so the fact that I look even bigger is hard for me to be ok with. With Sage I didn’t start showing until 17 weeks so I think this is a shock with everyone when they see me and lately I have been getting a lot of “Are you sure you’re not having TWINS!?” Well, I can tell you this, we have already seen baby and if there were two the ultra sound tech didn’t do her job very well at all. You must remember this is my 3rd pregnancy and because I’m not super skinny my body decided to prep far in advance and give this baby room. So I know you all mean well, but please stop asking if there are twins. There aren’t. I promise.

I’m very interested to see how this pregnancy plays out. With Sage I had a natural pregnancy and birth. (Natural meaning no medical interventions and no extra medication unless it was detrimental) I hired a Doula as a labor coach to help guide us with the natural pregnancy in a hospital setting. This time around we will not be hiring a Doula and the closest birthing center to us is in Muncie which is too far for my liking. I ordered a GREAT book that has been a huge source of information as to natural supplements to all of these new discomforts. It was written by a midwife, it’s called “The Natural Pregnancy book”. Because I am doing this semi “on my own” with an OB I wanted to feel well equipped. I mean, it has been 3 YEARS since the last time I was pregnant.

I’m really excited to share in this new journey with everyone. We are so excited to finally expand our family. We love being parents to Sage so the thought of being privileged with another is unbelievable. If you think about us and this pregnancy please pray for continued peace and strength. Peace in knowing this baby will see us thru into our arms. Due to our last pregnancy you can’t help but think about it and wonder. Satan really does know how to get in your head and we are quick to pray against it. We know this baby has a purpose. Also, with strength to get through this first trimester. It may sound so silly (especially if you had amazing health with each pregnancy) but we are ready for mama to be back to normal!! LOL Daddy is pulling double duty most days and I can’t thank him enough for how much he has dealt with in these last 6 weeks. He has made most dinners, dealt with a needy kiddo and mama, dealt with his own job, cleaning the house and doing dishes daily. He deserves a mini vacation of “wifely duties” 🙂

Thanks again for reading this. I know I don’t write much anymore but I always dream that someday, that will change!


The new family of 4