My Journey to 2: Part one

I have been meaning to put this out there for a LONG time so here it is…. my journey to 2

My journey to two: Part One

The decision was easy for us. We wanted another baby. After the loss of a baby in the summer of 2011 a lot in our life had changed. We moved to another city, BJ started his job in a new area and sage was growing before our eyes. It took me awhile to come around to the thought of another baby. The fear of not making it through another pregnancy was terrifying. Knowing my trust was in The Lord was, for me, not enough to take that leap just yet.

After the move and feeling adjusted friends started having babies and the buzz for me kicked in. We knew we wanted more kids so we decided that while in Italy we would have fun trying to get pregnant. 😉

Italy was amazing!! It was everything we had hoped for and we experienced more then we could imagine. Upon getting home I was SUPER anxious to find out if I was pregnant. Within a week of being home my hunger kicked in and then a few weeks later I noticed the weight I fought so hard to lose was flying back with a vengeance. Pregnancy test after pregnancy test continued to show negative but I refused to believe it! After week five I called my OB’s office and made an appointment to have my blood drawn. After a few days of waiting I got the call and I was right, we were pregnant!!

I couldn’t believe it. I laughed right away because it was effortless and then started crying while looking at sage giggling not even knowing what to expect once the baby was here.

Over the next few month my body took a turn for the worse! I was SO SICK! I had no idea how to deal either because I had the pregnancy with Sage that everyone hated. Perfect. Never sick, craved icee’s, and gained just enough weight. You better believe I started doing some serious research on how to feel better!! It took a few weeks but the remedy of B6 and magnesium (then eventually Unisom) helped take the edge off and by week 16 I started to come around and feel more like myself.

Second trimester was in full gear and we were getting close to finding out what we were having. Although, at this point, I had gained maybe 5 pounds, my belly stuck out like a sore thumb! We already had a girl and the buzz for a boy was SUPER high! All of my siblings had girls and my cousin had a girl on the way. My side of the family was desperate for a boy so when the day came to find out we were beyond anxious.

I decided to have a small gender reveal party. My thought was, it’s a boy, how awesome would it be to find out as a family AT THE SAME TIME! I had a close friend take the results from the ultra sound, blow up the appropriate colored balloons and wrap them in a pretty box to open with my family. The drive to Fort Wayne was unreal but it suddenly hit me, my mind had changed. I knew it was a girl. My heart sunk because we wanted a boy so badly. I. Felt. Horrible. How would I react? I don’t even have a name picked out! Sage is so dramatic, can I handle another? Before we pulled up to my parents house I said to my husband “if it’s a girl I think we should name her after my grandma Becky (Rebecca) I just really think in my heart that’s what we’re suppose to do”

We had a great dinner with family and all gathered around for the big reveal. I was nervous to say the least. My sister, Chelsea, made cute cut outs of girls bows or a mustache for a boy. Everyone made their guess we took a few pictures and then slowly started opening the box.

BJ carefully cut through the top and suddenly out flew PINK BALLOONS and everyone started laughing! We did it again. Another girl. No boys to be had in the Federspiel clan and all we could do was laugh.

Going home that weekend was very surreal to me.”Another girl” – that’s all I kept saying. Then BJ made a very profound statement. “You know Cherith… I really think God is entrusting us with another girl for a reason. To raise up Godly woman with a passion to be different”

Once he said that to me my whole feeling of having another girl changed. That’s also the night we named her. Sage has been calling the baby Cinderella for a month at this point. So Ella was her name and Rebecca as her middle to honor my grandmother. We also have a thing about meanings. I truly believe the meaning of your child’s name plays a huge part in who they will become.

Ella – “All” (also: “beautiful fairy goddess” :))

Rebecca- “uniting; binding”

All uniting. All binding.

We don’t know what or how God is going to use her But we know he (and sage) named her and she is going to do something amazing.