Random thought Series: #1

Random thought series: #1


I have a lot of random things that I think about and so I thought it would only be appropriate to just start a series of sorts. Sometimes they may be something worth reading and other times its a good excuse for me to talk about it.


Let’s begin…


Random thought #1:




Yes. This is a common theme amongst all gyms.

I don’t care if you go to the best gym in town where everyone knows everyone.

You still feel like people are sizing you up.

You still feel the stares.


So. You start to fix your hair. Pull your shirt down or look at yourself in the mirror examining every single part to make sure there is nothing they can make fun of you for.


Are you just beginning? Well, Don’t get on that treadmill next to the 5’5, 115lb girl that is running like a BEAST! Her hair is still perfect even though it is dripping in sweat and she probably still smells good! ::gah!::


Then there is me. I walk in with one kid on my hip, one kid pulling me inside because her hunky dad is lifting weights and has been for soooo long that people are STILL teasing him about the arms (a.k.a. “guns”) that he carries around. People look at this mess I called “pulled together” with my dirty hair pulled back, no make up and I look like I should sleep for a few days!


I jump on the elliptical and turn on the best dance music I can find because that’s what motivates me. I get into a zone and all of the sudden I start thinking to myself. (because you know, once the kids are gone and you can actually think to yourself for once, this DOES happen)


Everyone has their own journey. I look at some of the girls that are so beautiful and I don’t look at them like they are competition but instead admire them. Who knows why they are here? Maybe they have a personal goal set to run 5 miles. It might even be a deeper issue for them that no one knows about? What about those teens that are working out? I always wonder why they are there. When I was a teen you would have never caught me in a gym! Are they working hard to be a better football player? Maybe a coach told them they couldn’t be on a team this year but to ‘bulk up a little’ and maybe, just maybe.. they will be considered. Maybe there are some woman there that yes, they look like they got it all together but in real life. They don’t. The gym is their only outlet.


Or maybe. They’re a mom just like me. Their goals aren’t huge but they just want to see some change. They just want to do this one thing for themselves and going to the gym is that thing.


I am no pro at the gym. It is so easy to feel so self conscience about the people around you. I challenge you the next time that you go to just smile at the people around you. Whether you are a pro at the gym or you have 100lbs to lose. Everyone is there for their own personal reason. Keep saying to yourself “good for them!” and smile.


Smiling is my favorite 🙂




Confessions of a Foodie

Foodie: Slang (from the World Dictionary)

noun – a person having an enthusiastic interest in preparation and consumption of good food.


I have recently started referring to myself as a “foodie”.

Not because I think I am a food ADDICT but I just solely LOVE food!

I love everything that surrounds food. I love cooking, I love hosting parties, I love company, I love trying new things, I love to travel and eat their food, I love cookbooks, I love how food brings everyone together and good conversations come from that. Don’t hate me but I even LOVE to grocery shop!!! ::GASP::

I don’t have a favorite dish because I have come to love it all.

Appetizers, simple lunches, fresh food from the market, gourmet meals, decadent desserts and a simple homemade meal from my mama. All of these things make me happy.

I didn’t start this new journey of eating healthy to rid myself of all of this food goodness. That’s something that I am hoping to learn in the midst of all of this is how to still enjoy my food and everything that comes with it and still live a healthy and full life.

My mom stated on my Facebook page well, “I just want to be a healthier version of myself”

I’m not out to be someone else or have the same goals as this person or that. I want to live a FULL life and for me that involves food.

I have decided that I will set a goal for myself that by my birthday (May 19th) that I want to fit back into my smaller jeans and not be so tired all the time. I want to lose 15-20 pounds by then and just feel happy with myself. I just don’t want to drive myself crazy with the thought of food hanging over my head. I don’t want to be a friend that people don’t feel like they can’t hang out with because I’m on a crazy diet, heck for that matter I just don’t want them to feel awkward around me. I want to be invited to that coffee shop or even that awesome bakery downtown. I am still ME! I am still that foodie. I am still cooking for me and for my friends. I can still be my normal food loving self all while I cook a lavish dinner for my husband or go to that new restaurant with friends.

Sure all of this change comes with some restrictions. Like I said, this is a LIFE change, nothing temporary. So with that my foodie side needs to fit into my healthy side.

I haven’t read any of Bethenny Frankle’s books but she has a quote that I try to (notice I say try) when it comes to enjoying food…

“taste everything but eat nothing” – basically this applies to when you are at a party. When you see all of this glorious food before you you taste it but you don’t devour it. (i.e. going back for seconds or thirds). You’re at a birthday party and you want cake, take one bite or two but thats it. I love this philosophy for myself. I tend to be happy with just that one bite and with Bethenny’s thoughts on this is once you have tasted everything the calorie intake will be about the same as a full meal. (side note: you are an adult and I shouldn’t have to tell you that this doesn’t mean if its a dessert bar you fill your plate. Let’s be real about this…)

With all of this being said I also want to say thank you to every single person that has reached out to me. You have offered so much help, tips, services, guidance and just flat out love. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I want to say this cause I know a lot of people can relate but, this ain’t my first rodeo… I wish it was. I wish this was my first time battling out this weight loss thing and that I was clueless with what to do. Unfortunately, since before kids I have felt that I needed to lose weight. No, no one has told me that I needed too but its just a personal struggle that I have had. I can’t believe that before my wedding day I was trying to lose weight. Now, my wedding weight is currently my goal weight…

I know what to do. The knowledge is there. I know what I should and shouldn’t eat. I know how to work out and the studying I have done on this matter over the last 4 years is stupid! I told my friend that I should be a freaking model by now! HA!

But alas, I love food. I love everything that involves food. So my goal over the next few months is to embrace my love of food, make things healthier, still have friends over and still be a foodie.