{ The new me }

So here it is. The start of a new beginning. Something that I have wanted to do for a long time and something I feel passionate about.

What’s that, you say?


Taking care of ourselves! Learning to love YOU again. That girl that was once confident needs a face lift and it’s time ladies! Time to rise up to the occasion and say to yourself DANG IT! I deserve to go buy that make up product that I have been staring at and be brave enough to try it! I may not have all of my life figured out but at least I can say I wore a beautiful lipstick while trying!

I have debated on what to do with my blogging life. There are so many things out there available to someone to talk about. The most obvious, I’m a mom. Sure it’s only been 5 years in the making but I feel like I have a few things to offer to the world. Ha! Also, I love to cook. I love to be crafty… I love to sing and dance…

But lets be honest. There are SOOOOO MANNNNNNYYYYYY blogs out there that any mom can find if you really truly need advice. Also, I feel like advice like that, if not spoken well (or if you don’t care that people will cyber-punch you in the face) can be taken to so many levels and really, I have no time for controversy. I am trying to live my life too!!! If my best girlfriend wants to know how I really feel about a certain subject then pick up the phone.. actually text, you will have a better chance of “hearing” me instead of a toddler screaming in the background.

But really Ladies. What I truly deeply love to talk about that I feel like most woman don’t is; Make-up products, how to do our hair, great nail polish or hand creams, face masks and amazing body scrubs. Maybe I’ll even find my passion for purses and clothes once again!

I use to say all the time that my girls are better dressed and more pulled together then I am! SOMETHING IS SO WRONG WITH THAT! I want to feel good about myself. It’s time that we CARE! Not care about what other people think but care about how you feel about yourself. I don’t care if you are a size 2 or 22. I don’t care if you have porcelain white skin or carmel brown skin! This blog is for you! Learn new tips and tricks for quick make-up. Learn about the new and hot skin care routines or maybe a cheap way out of them.

Come on, women-who-are-tired-and-ready-for-change! My goal is to produce a blog just for you and give you products that are ACCESSIBLE, not just ready to find at Target (or what I like to call, MOM HEAVEN) but on a budget! Say Whaaa? Most beauty bloggers and Youtube’rs talk about high fashion and products I only dream about being able to afford. But I come to offer you hope! Hope that yes, you can try out that awesome red lipstick that won’t get all over your face and only spend $5!! I also want to share with you tricks that I have come to find like facial care products and bath soaks. Or Nail products to make your hand worth showing off even polish free!

I am sure this blog will be taken all over the place as I try to find my place in this blogging/Youtube world. I will be learning as I go because I am obviously no expert. But this is how people get started! Learning as we go and its time I stop waiting!! Especially before someone else steps in and does it.

My goal is to post once a week about anything and everything but NOTHING to do with mom advice or kid advice. My personal goal this year is to be confident again. Whether or not I loose those 20 pounds, I want to know that I can pull myself together and still be proud of who I am.

See you at Naptime~

Disclaimer -If you don’t like wearing make up, don’t like wearing certain clothes, or think that I am doing this for vanity reasons then this blog is NOT for you. See, my own personal struggles have been a struggle long enough. I have found peace in who I am and my only hope is for others to do the same. but I do have to admit… If I encourage you at all to take better care of yourself whether that be a better shampoo or a colored chapstick, then I have done what I feel I was set out to do. The end


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