{ Starting Point – Make-up 101 }

For me, starting this new adventure was to help other woman in ways that I know makes me feel more pulled together and more alive (at least for the day). With that comes many avenues of possibilities. For right now I want to start with the obvious. Make-up!

As I look back at my life in make-up I realized that I had a starting point. I didn’t go full face into a crap-load of make-up. I started small. Got the basics. Figured out what I liked and went from there. So, that’s where I am taking you! Back to the basics. Your starting point to figure out your make-up needs… and possibly don’t need.

No matter where you are at in life I think a little bit of make-up will do any woman some good. These are my personal starters and also a personal opinion. 🙂

NUMBER 1 – Foundation!
This has a wide range of meaning but it basically is the one thing that is a base for all of your make-up. It covers some flaws that you don’t want to show and makes for an even skin toned base. There are literally hundreds to choose from and my first pieces of advice I am going to tell you with is ALWAYS start with a budget. I think that foundation is one of those items that is worth spending more money on. Our face is a precious thing and if you are breaking out a lot or having an allergic reaction (rashes, infections…) you need to consider either A) no foundation or B) pay more for a foundation. I personally used to pay a lot for a mineral foundation (which I loved) but because I am a stay-at-home mama I need something that is more in my budget. I have combination skin so a liquid foundation is best for me. This specific item could be talked about forever and if you never shop for it then this could be a daunting task!! So many colors, brands, types… AH! One thing I ask is never test the color, for matching purposes, on your hand or wrist! ALWAYS test on your neck! Important, important.. ok next!

NUMBER 2 – Color correcting or Concealer
You really only need one. I prefer Maybelline’s anti-aging “eraser”. It covers my under eye discolorations and also any weird red spots I have going on. However, there are some really great palettes out there that have color correcting shades in it as well as flesh tones to match your skin in any season. I personally think you only need one to start. My personal favorite is taking my Eraser and using it without foundation just to cover spots to make sure I don’t freak people out when they see me! HA!

NUMBER 3 – Blush!
Yes, blush! Way back in the day I remember seeing woman walk around with foundation caked onto their face but have ZERO color on their cheeks! We don’t want to look dead ladies. We want to look radiant and maybe even like a tint of sun got to us. Blush is a wonderful thing! However, there are tons of colors out there. from hot pinks to browns, but not every color is right for you. There are some good mauve colors out there that I think almost any one could pull off. Start there! Cover girl carries great colors and they are affordable! Check those out and please, use it!

NUMBER 4 – Eye Shadow palette
This is going to be short and sweet. I will save you the time from looking at thousands of colors. Buy a quad palette (thats four) that is mostly browns ranging from light to dark. You may never ever use the dark but in time you might feel brave. Buy it, feel adventurous and maybe watch a few YouTube videos on how to use those colors 🙂

Number 5 – MASCARA!!
This. This my friends is my first thing that I ever bought and I have never looked back! It will change the way your eyes look! It will open them up and they will look so bright! It will fake people out to make them think you pulled yourself together even if all you did was put mascara on! Now, I know that for some of you, mascara may irritate your eyes and I totally understand. I have run into a few brands that do this. So here is my tip, Go to an actual make up store like Ulta and give them a price range and then your problems; allergic, redness, fall out, whatever! Ulta WILL except packages that have been opened and a tiny bit used because they care about finding something that works for you and that you love! Start with a price point, then find a brand you like, and then go from there. Yes, there are lots of labels out there that claim volume, or length, or stronger ect…. just try it on and if you think it looks funny then you are probably right! (unless you NEVER where mascara and you just aren’t used to the sight of your eyeballs standing out :)) Buy black. Not brown because it matches your hair color, but black. I could talk about this forever… I ❤ mascara

I could mention lipstick but I am very real in the fact that lipstick is a hard thing to get into. We talk, we eat, it moves every where and goodness, There are a million colors to choose from! I have just gotten brave in the last few years with lipstick and my lipstick collection is small compared to most (no… all) beauty guru's out there. I will however ask you to take care of those precious lips. For the sake of whoever you are kissing and for the fact that you deserve to take care of them! There are many chapsticks out there to suit your needs. Find one and tell me all about it! I personally love good ol' Vaseline! I wear it on my lips every night while I sleep! It's heaven (AND CHEAP)

Like I have said, and will say, many many times. This is just my personal opinion. My goal here today is to give you a new task that will help you feel more pulled together. Whether you go out and get all of these things or just venture into a few, I hope it gives you a confidence boost!

Do something for you today!
Until then. I'll see you at Naptime ~


Consumers World

My thoughts on the world of consumer products and beyond are very vague. I love them. I will not deny this. But I also see the harm in them. Making us feel like we are not enough… that we aren’t pretty without this or that product. Or that this one tool is the secret to the best face, hair or skin.

I am here to PROTEST that this is all lies!

The only thing to make you feel good is YOU! You have the power to claim that you will feel good however you see fit. Whether you are a make-up free girl or a care free hair girl, I say ROCK ON! I personally feel my best with make up on and my hair pulled together. Some people feel better with just mascara on but their hair perfectly placed. We all fall on a different scale of what we see as “our best”.

My whole point to this blog is to lead you and guide you in a budget friendly world of make up, hair products, skin care and new trends (or old ones because I can’t seem to let go of them :)) I also want to empower you to take care of yourself without feeling guilty!

I personally LOVE shopping for new make up. I can’t stand taking it home and just letting it sit! I have to open it and “play”. I also love getting a small sample of a new face mask and getting into the tub and letting it sit with my favorite candle lit and just soaking. And with every step of pampering myself I don’t feel the least bit guilty! And you shouldn’t either. There are so many good products out there that are under $10 that need to be discovered by the 24/7 mom, the hard working woman, the single parent, the not so young mom but wants her youth back…. EVERY ONE could benefit from a good product that makes them feel better.

So I would love to hear from YOU!! What is something you want to know more about? What do you want to read or get tips on? I have a personal list but I want to know from you, what would benefit you most!

See you at naptime,

PS. Keep up with this blog! I already have a give away for the next post!