Consumers World

My thoughts on the world of consumer products and beyond are very vague. I love them. I will not deny this. But I also see the harm in them. Making us feel like we are not enough… that we aren’t pretty without this or that product. Or that this one tool is the secret to the best face, hair or skin.

I am here to PROTEST that this is all lies!

The only thing to make you feel good is YOU! You have the power to claim that you will feel good however you see fit. Whether you are a make-up free girl or a care free hair girl, I say ROCK ON! I personally feel my best with make up on and my hair pulled together. Some people feel better with just mascara on but their hair perfectly placed. We all fall on a different scale of what we see as “our best”.

My whole point to this blog is to lead you and guide you in a budget friendly world of make up, hair products, skin care and new trends (or old ones because I can’t seem to let go of them :)) I also want to empower you to take care of yourself without feeling guilty!

I personally LOVE shopping for new make up. I can’t stand taking it home and just letting it sit! I have to open it and “play”. I also love getting a small sample of a new face mask and getting into the tub and letting it sit with my favorite candle lit and just soaking. And with every step of pampering myself I don’t feel the least bit guilty! And you shouldn’t either. There are so many good products out there that are under $10 that need to be discovered by the 24/7 mom, the hard working woman, the single parent, the not so young mom but wants her youth back…. EVERY ONE could benefit from a good product that makes them feel better.

So I would love to hear from YOU!! What is something you want to know more about? What do you want to read or get tips on? I have a personal list but I want to know from you, what would benefit you most!

See you at naptime,

PS. Keep up with this blog! I already have a give away for the next post!


One thought on “Consumers World

  1. Hollie says:

    I’m pretty much make up free unless there is a special occasion. I also wear my hair in a ponytail all the time and never dry it…lazy! My interest is in hair products. I don’t want to pay tons of money for a salon shampoo but I also don’t want a cheap one that will give lots of build up. My hair looks so blah right now. I want something to make it shinier and that I could brush and let air dry without looking too frizzy. Anything out there for me?

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