Random Facts about me!

When I relaunced my blog I wanted to share a new era of my life and the things that I love. I have had a lot of growing to do in this process and a lot of thinking (for lack of better words). I still want to launch a YouTube channel specific to women in the same place of life that I am in. And not just for mom’s but all woman. So I figured a great place to start (or restart) would be a little “get to know me” random facts that I have come up with.

Please enjoy my ramblings and I hope someone can relate! HA!

#1 – I love names!

      Yes. You read that correctly! I LOVE your name! Most specifically I love what your name means and where it came about. This probably started because I have a unique name myself and then once I started naming my own children I became very aware of the power a name has. I LOVE hearing what people are naming their babies and it’s a bonus when they know what it means. I challenge you that if you haven’t named any children yet, to look up the meaning and remember that most kids live up to their name 🙂

#2- I love make-up!

     Well, this IS what my blog and channel will mostly be about! Make-up and beauty products! However, my love for them started VERY early. I remember when I was fresh into my teen years and I wanted to wear make-up. My mom encouraged me to read books and magazines on how to do it properly because she wasn’t well versed in the make-up world and she said the only way I can wear it is if I did it right! I am SO GLAD she encouraged that and now look at me. I’m making it a hobby 🙂 P.S. come to my house and ask to see my make-up collection. Yes, COLLECTION! LOL!

#3 – I love dancing!

     If you have known me since high school this will come as no surprise to you. I was on our dance team for youth group (this was no normal church dance team :)) and I was at a dance academy since I was 4 years old! When I was 14 my homeschool teen group started taking ballroom dance lessons and by the time I was 16 I was doing competitions for it! I started teaching ballroom when I was 18 and sadly quit when I was pregnant with my first baby at 24. I am obsessed with dancing. Watching it gives me chills and I daydream about it on a regular basis. I have a playlist on my music titled “dance music” and even my oldest is very familiar with “mommy’s dance music”. I dance with my kids and I cry every time I watch the nutcracker because it reminds me of my childhood and now I get to experience it with my girls. Dance is a HUGE part of my life. I miss it terribly!!!!

#4 – I am addicted to YouTube!

     This is so funny to me because I was informed over the summer that this is the teenagers new form of entertainment. The kids don’t watch TV any more but they do watch random people on YouTube. Funny thing is, I TOTALLY GET IT!!!! People’s lives are so fascinating and they are teaching us about things that no tv show can do! I won’t go into all the details on who I follow or watch but I will tell you it’s mostly beauty guru’s with some funny people mixed in because I LOVE to laugh! (hello, Miranda Sings?!?)

#5 – I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up –

    ::sigh:: isn’t this the most common problem with people now-a-days?? I mean seriously. Even people that graduate with a degree end up in a field they didn’t plan on. I, unfortunately, don’t have a degree. I have 2 years of college under my belt but it’s in no way, enough to get me a job in a specific field. I wanted to be an elementary teacher waaaay back in the day, then a dance teacher (happened for a second), then an entrepreneur, then a professional singer, now I have a deep love for pregnant mama’s and would love to become a Doula, but I also LOVED working at a hotel and I LOVE event planning…. I mean, My list is HUGE! Right now though. My focus is my family. It’s what I have always wanted and I am so blessed. So… I’ll just keep daydreaming.

There are some other random facts that I am sure I could throw in there. Like, I love the color yellow and sunflowers. I LOVE summer time and would move south if I could convince my family to go with me. I am so easy to please that my ideal date is a yummy restaurant (not a chain!) and a movie! I love to cook and I love to be a host! But there are also deep things about me. Things I think would shock some people but for that, it will have to be another day. 

Thanks for reading these simple facts about myself. I hope that I can continue with this because I truly enjoy it. I just have to find time for it!

Have a great week my friends!