My food addiction

I have so many feelings about the word “diet”. This year I didn’t make one new years resolution because my goals for my life hasn’t change just because another year has started. BUT my goal for better health is still my number one goal. I have realized in the last few months that my relationship to food is so much more of a deeper issue then I expected. It was taking place of my relationship with God! I know that sounds so silly, but think about it. What do you turn too when your upset, need a lift, need something to make you happy? For me it was food. Every time I was upset, I craved chocolate and sweets, every time I needed a pick me up I grabbed coffee or a soda. Every time I was hungry I grabbed chips and junk food. I never truly craved anything that was good for me, including the Lord.

Anyway, as some of you know I started reading a book called Made to crave by Lysa Terkhurst. It has been my eye opening experience that I needed and has changed the way I look at how I resolve my issues. Today Lysa pretty much broke down a gist of what her book is about and I HIGHLY recommend reading her blog post for today.

Her title for this blog is something that most people would never think that food would be a “war for your soul” but it is. Just like anything else, food is taking over our lives and becoming that filler instead of what it was naturally intended for. My issues with my body and my health has just as strong of an effect over me therefore making me go to the one thing that temporarily fixes it, food. I take no credit in this new discovery of my food addiction. I mean, I knew my issues where MUCH deeper but Lysa Terkhurst lays it all out in a way that really helped me examine my soul.

My mama is going to start a “Made to Crave” group and blog more deeply about our journey. I encourage you to join us in February. Grab the book, dig deep and go thru this with other women who share in the same struggles. This is NOT A DIET BOOK!!! Just a way to open up your eyes to what is the most important thing you can put in your body, more so then food… Jesus



10 Random Things

There have been so many things that I’ve wanted to talk about but not enough about that topic to make an actual post. SO, this is what I’ve come up with!!

Whether these things are something I’ve discovered, something I really like, or your know… random

So. Here we go!

10.) Cornstarch – Thanks to my mom I know have replaced my baby powder with cornstarch. My sweet daughter has sensitive skin. And this past week she developed a terrible diaper rash! Called my mama, asked for advice and thats what she recommended. And with in one day the diaper rash was almost completely gone! Now I just need a really good way to store it. Humm…

9.) Baby food homemade –  I have recently been feeding my daughter homemade rice! Instead of buying a box from the store, I made my own. And it’s SO, SO easy!!! Holy cow. There are pro’s and con’s to this. More con’s though in my opinion. I am all about making my own baby food. And I will when it comes to veggies, fruits, ect. Making it at home is the same price as a box of it cost. But you have to buy, whole grain, brown rice. Grind it up, not cooked. (which a food processor doesn’t work. we had to use our coffee grinder.) THEN, you put water in it, microwave it, then feed the baby. Boxed is done. It has vitamins. And sometimes it’s cheaper! So, once my rice is gone. I’m switching.

8.) Rosemary – This seems to be an herb I have off hand on a regular basis. One of my husbands favorite dish is just Chicken, potatoes, ROSEMARY, salt, pepper and oil. No joke. Thats all the recipe calls for. And it is so so yummy. A lot of dishes call for rosemary and you can add it to just about anything for good flavor. And NO my next daughter is not going to be named Rosemary because my first daughter was named Sage. haha…

7.) COOKING –  My new favorite thing in the world. I LOVE to experiment with cooking and finding new recipes. And I think I am addicted to Food Network!! Ina Garten, Giada De Laurentiis, Guy Fieri (love him!), the whole nine yards. It’s so inspiring. And I don’t think my husband is to upset about all the cooking either! Now if I could just get someone to clean up after me… that would be awesome!

6.) Working out – What the Heck?!?! Seriously. I am not the one to jump up and say “OMG! I LOVE to work out! Lets go right now!” UGH… I know I need to. And I will get there someday. But right now… well, I’m good.. 🙂

5.) Low-Fat – Say What?! Since my gallbladder has been taken out I can not eat high fat things. But has it completely stopped me? Nooo… UGH. It’s so frustrating. Yes. I regret it later because me and Mr. John become great friends all day. (ewwww)… BUT IT’S SO GOOD! ::sigh:: I will do better…. I have to. I am not about to gain all the weight I have lost since Sage was born.

4.) Sage – Ahhh.. my sweet baby girl. Let me just say. I’m blessed. And guess what?! She’s SO CLOSE to rolling over!!! Thats it. Thats all I wanted to say about her. Short and sweet. Just like her 🙂

3.) Ballroom Dancing –  I started taking lessons when I was 14. And it has been apart of my life ever since. I miss is terribly. I watch it on TV and almost cry I miss it so much. I started teaching when I was 18 and there is great joy in that. But to actually dance it and showcase it, THAT is amazing! I love to dance. And I probably always will. I don’t know what I will do if Sage decide to play volleyball instead of being on the dance team… I would be so confused…

2.) Event Coordinating –  Let me just say, the best job in the world is to do what you love! And I LOVE to Coordinate Events!!!! I worked with a Magazine here in Fort Wayne and thats what did it for me. It made me realize how much I love it. And how fun it is! It’s my dream career. And it’s in the works… it might just take a little longer then I planned.

1.) Family – Wow. Aren’t we all just so blessed? No matter the circumstances. We are Blessed. I have an amazing family. My husband loves me unconditionally. My daughter is healthy. My parents are the best around and I can easily say I admire! My brothers are starting families and they have great girls by their side! And my husband’s family is a bonus! They add to my life and I love everyone one of them! We are so blessed….

See. That was pretty random. In Fact, there were a few more I wanted to add.. but I’ll save that for some other time!

Ciao – Cherith

Slow to speak

I am one to talk. A lot. (no harsh comments, I know I’m not the quiet type) But as I “advance” in life I seem to ALWAYS have a comment to a conversation. It’s time that I re-learn my listening skills.

With just having a baby it’s so hard to not talk about just her and my experiences all the time. Although I am no pro and will never consider myself one, the baby is not all that I have to talk about. There is so much more in life then my child. I can defiantly say that she is pretty stinkin close to being “my world”. I mean, really, everything I do revolves around that child now. But I am into so much more then just her.

I KNOW, I KNOW…. your all saying “But Cherith, thats what happens when you have a baby. Everyone expects that.”

Well, Not me! My whole life I have not been a pro at relationships. Especially with my friends. I am not one to just listen to a conversation and NOT have an opinion. I think that some people just want to vent, or talk, or maybe want your opinion but NOT your life story!! And thats my problem. I need to be slow to speak. Listen for a time when input is needed. Not when I think it’s always right.

I noticed this when I was talking with some old friends a few weeks ago. Instead of asking them about their lives and their new babies I proceeded to inform them about me… UGH…. “SLOW TO SPEAK CHERITH”

Fortunately, these girls know me and probably weren’t to shocked that I talked about Sage and my birth experience and my whole 2 months of being a mom. (to those girls, I am truly sorry. I want to know more about your lives and whats going on… I should have just shut up!)

It is even biblical that we need to be slow to speak

James 1:19 “My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak…”

Learning to focus and listen to someone else is such a talent. I admire the people that can TRULY listen to a conversation, give advice, and follow up in days to come remembering everything that was talked about.

I want to be like that! I want to be a better friend. I know that my life’s circumstances have changed and that most of my conversations will evolve around my child and me being a stay at home mom… but I want to be so much more then that. Just a better person.. a better friend…

To all of the girls and woman in my life…. thank you. Thank you for understanding my character and excepting me the way I am.

Loud. Talkative. Opinionated. New at this…

Things to Keep

As a new mommy with a one month old, I have learned so much lately. (and to think it’s only the beginning!) And I think the most important things that I have learned are Things to Keep close to me or to remember.

Here is my list of my Top 5 things to keep:

5.) KEEP the house dirty! – It’s so important that in the beginning of a new baby to not worry about what the house looks like. Once you feel good and in a good “routine” THEN maybe venture out to clean. But until then. Stop doing laundry. Stop trying to make dinner. Stop trying to clean and sweep. Trust me. You will live.

4.) KEEP all your hobbies – Just because there is a baby doesn’t mean you have to stop what you love. For example. I LOVE to listen to my music. Especially in the car. Well, just because my little one is in the car with me doesn’t mean I have to keep the volume down to one decimal. She is very use to my loud music. Although, I don’t go crazy loud. I still don’t keep it down. AND I plan on going back to dancing and working out once my body is healed. Heck, I might even pick up a new hobby like the Piano 🙂

3.) KEEP date night – My husband and I LOVE to go on a date. It’s such a great way to spend time with each other. And we finally went out on our first date with NO BABY! She lived. I LIVED. And we had such a great time!!! Keep date night. Whether it’s pawning off the kids to a friends for a quite house and a game of cards or dinner and a movie. Enjoy one another.

2.) KEEP your friends close – I can not tell you how important my girlfriends are to me!!!! (you know who you are 🙂 ) Not only have they given me wonderful advice, but just being there for me because they understand means so much to me. AND I have completely enjoyed their meals 🙂 What a blessing!!! Not having to cook was so great! And to my girlfriends with out babies… you mean a lot to me too because I know you will want to hold Sage and not have anything (or anyone) else that will want your attention! lol

1.) KEEP your marriage secure – Man, I can not tell you how important my husband has been for me in this last month. Before the baby I didn’t rely on him like I should. But now… NOW I NEED HIM!!! He is my security. My rock. My Sanity. I love him more then life. And when are kids are grown and gone it will be just him and I. Therefore, he comes first (after the Lord of course). Because in the end, my kids can not love me like he does and will for the rest of my life.

 Can you believe it?! In one month I learned all of this! I can’t imagine what the next 18 years has in store 🙂

What are some other things that you’ve learned to keep close to you?

OK, lets be honest…

I have to admit, I LOVE being pregnant!! We feel so blessed that I have only had a few things as far as symptoms are concerned. No real morning sickness. No overwhelming discomfort. Nothing huge.

BUT, there is one thing that I really do not like NOR GET… and it’s Hiccups!!!!!

How the heck does a child in the womb, who isn’t breathing air, get the hiccups!?! And WHY do they have to last so long!?

At first I thought it was cute. You know, it feels like a heart beat in your belly. BUT when it happens 4 to 5 times in a day!!!! Oh my goodness… Just GO AWAY!!! It is truly something I do not like. Yes, I said it. I don’t like this part of my pregnancy! The hiccups are so annoying in so many ways. There’s nothing you can do about them. There’s no way to make it more comfortable. You just have to wait it out…

And then of course your told that if you have a “hiccupie” baby in the womb, they will be like that out! We’ll see…

On a more positive note, I only have 7.5 weeks left!!! This is just crazy!! I am starting to feel huge, although I am still being told that I am small. (well, by some people)

I’m starting to research more supplements to help with my all natural labor (like red raspberry leaf and primrose oil). And today I bought some Digestive Papaya to help with my over active acid reflex!! I’m really starting to get excited! The nursery is coming together and I can’t wait to post up pictures…. but of course, I can’t do that till it’s done!

Have a wonderful week… hopefully I will update sooner then later 🙂


Cherith and Baby Bean

The past 28 weeks of my life

28 weeks sounds like such a short time. But in fact it has been 7 full months! 7 months of a beautiful pregnancy! Yes, it’s had it’s ups and downs. Crazy emotions and joys. But it has been a journey that I have been looking forward to for as long as I can remember.

Here are some “pregnancy symptoms” I have experienced…

Fatigue. I’m not just talking I need a nap. I’m talking, I need to sleep ALL DAY! Body is achy. Muscle’s don’t want to move. TIRED like I have never experienced.

Emotions. Lots of them. Take an emotional woman’s “time of the month” times 10! My poor husband had to sit through it all. Fortunately, it’s not hardly as bad any more.

And lets talk about crying at any given moment! Commercials. TV shows. Something someone says. Good or bad. I’m tearing up. But nothing you can’t laugh about later.

Gagging! HOLY COW! I am not and have never been a gagger! I could have stuck my finger down my throat and nothing would happen. Get pregnant, and I’m an instant gagger! Spit made me gag. Cooking made me gag. Smells made me gag. You name it, it was gaggin’! (thank goodness that goes away!)

Weight gain. Although I have been lucky thus far and have only gained 12 pounds. It’s still something you worry about as a woman. You want to bounce right back after the baby is born. You want to be one of the lucky ones that looks like she never had a baby when you walk out of the hospital! Although, I am realistic and I know that probably won’t be true in my case. I am still overly conscience about the weight I put on.

Speaking of weight… Food cravings!!! I have not had any weird food cravings. BUT if you talk about Pizza I am ALL OVER IT!!!! Pizza is something that I can eat a lot of right now. I always want it. And it almost always sounds good! And doughnuts!!! I love me some store bought doughnuts!!! Good thing they are high in calories because it has kept me from eating a lot of them.

Water! I drink more water then someone running a marathon!!! It’s almost like a life line. I crave it and wake up in the middle of the night needing it!! But that is something I am not ashamed of.

My Bladder! It’s no silly coincidence that pregnant woman have to pee on a regular basis. Fortunately for me it’s has just recently REALLY kicked in. And I just laugh. It’s something you can’t avoid and I would rather have a healthy bladder then an unhealthy one.

Pale skin. This baby has literally SUCKED the pigment out of my skin!!! I use to just DREAD being too pale. And I would RUN to the tanning bed. But I’m actually starting to like it. With the right make up, it could work 🙂

Dr. Appointments. I have to say, my favorite thing is when she starts looking for the heart beat. The first time I cried. It’s amazing to just sit there and hear a little heart beat in your belly and know that it’s YOUR BABY that you and your husband created. You start thinking about what she’ll look like. Who will she most act like. And that heart beat is just a reassurance that she is still there and everything is still ok…

Movement. I first felt my flutters around 17 weeks. They were really weak flutters but I knew it wasn’t my organs moving around because it almost felt like a tickle. NOW 10 weeks later she is much stronger and to the point were she moves enough to move my whole body. And having BJ wait to feel her is even more exciting!! I love remembering the look on his face when he first felt her move! What an experience to have.

Before I ever got pregnant I was determined to enjoy my pregnancy NO MATTER HOW I FELT!! Because it’s life. God is trusting me with this little life. To carry her in my womb and into the world. To raise her up with the best of my abilities. Every child is a gift. No matter the circumstances. I look at my 2 year old niece and think about how fast she has grown and the things she has learned. And now I get the chance to raise my own little bean and teach her things. I just PRAY that it will be pleasing to the Lord. That some how, I’ll do it right.

My goals for the rest of this pregnancy is to continue to educate myself. Being a stay at home mom seems to be a shock to people any more. It’s not really heard of. I am blessed with a husband who stands by my wants to be a stay-at-home-mom. I know God will bless this home because we are listening to what we feel is right for this family.

AND… people think I am crazy for wanting to go all natural with this pregnancy and labor. I feel that for me, I am meant to have this baby as natural as possible. For me! Not for anyone else. If you had medication, I am not going to bet you down and shake my finger at you. Everyone is different. God is in everything. Meds or not. I just feel for me and this family, I don’t want medication. (unless I absolutely have too!) Besides… I hate needless and the thought of not having any control. And thats the selfish and stubborn side of me. 🙂

So… I have 12 weeks left! Thats it… 12 weeks and our little Sage Madison will come into this world thinking “WHAT THE HECK! PUT ME BACK!”… And then eventually she will thank me when she is 30 or so for bringing her into this world and teaching her about life, and Jesus, and everything else in between.

Sage Madison Carpenter…. I love you already! I love feeling you move inside of me and reminding me that you are going to be a strong woman! And this is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life!


My Future

Knowing that we are going to have a girl is such a big deal because there are SO MANY THINGS that come with having a girl. Pretty Dresses. Dancing. Singing. Cheerleading. Boys. And lots and lots of emotions!!! I don’t consider myself an over emotional girl. I think I have balance. Although, yes, when I was a teen I would cry if I was hurt. But at least I wasn’t screaming! lol.

Also with having a girl there is the known fact that they do things a little sooner then most boys. Like talking. My niece Lucy is just barely over the age of two and she is talking in full sentences, giving dirty looks, and rolling her eyes. Like she 18 already!! It’s amazing to me how fast she has grown and the things she is catching up on. Seeing her makes me very aware of what I’m about to get myself into. And this great video, that is all over facebook, is a great look into my future of having a girl.

Please enjoy a good laugh 🙂


Hello there world. I think it’s time for a girlie moment. SO for all you boys that read my blog.. today might NOT be your day! LOL 🙂

For the longest time I have dreamed about my future children. They were always fuzzy but my heart would sink and I would cry or could feel their touch. It was enough for me to know that even though it was a dream, it was very real.

Well, a few years ago I felt like God named my first child. I can’t quite explain to you how this happened. I just knew. Deep in my heart. Mainly because it was a name I have NEVER heard of and it came out of no where. I just had this deep desire that my children would have incredable names that truly meant something.  And wha-la here is this name… wanna know what it is????….

Sage Madison

Yes, Sage as in the herb. BUT the meaning is what makes it something so unique. Sage means Propheit! But wait.. there’s more.. Madison means Light and Warrior!!! How stinkin powerful!!! Nothing more do I want a daughter who is strong and beautiful and has incrediable depth to her life. SO.. you can only imagine that i started thinking about her more. Praying about her more.. And dreaming about her more.

One night, my mom and I both had a dream about her! Amazing right?? I thought so.

But wait there’s more…

So, it has been awhile since I’ve really had good children dreams. (haha, thats what I’m calling them) I have dreams but never really clear. But always makes my heart jump. ANYWAYS, last night… I had a dream of all dreams. It was amazing. I didn’t want to wake up. I gave birth to my baby girl. And it was beautiful. Every one that i love was there. It was peaceful, amazing.. and then i looked at her, kissed her and said “hello Sage Madison”. And then all of the sudden it was Spring. Sage was three or so.. and I could see her. Clear as day. And she looked JUST LIKE BJ! Blonde hair, petite, big blue eyes, and a mouth just like his. She was beautiful. Everything I wanted was in that moment. And I had to wake up.

I know it sounds silly. But it’s in those moments that I pray for my future kids. I have no idea how many I’ll have or what they will really look like. But all I know is that God has his hands all over it. And I am so ready!

🙂 ….  ok, enough dreaming for the day. more to come. It’s been to long since I’ve updated this thing!


(and NO I’m not pregnant)

And then He spoke

Well, so I thought. I’m not sure.

See, I’m debating. Whether or not God spoke to me. Cause I thought he did. I thought his plan for me was clear. But then someone else “spoke”… and my thoughts changed.

Have you ever felt that way? Confident in what you thought God was saying to you… and then, It changes.

Usually, me and God are pretty clear. In a sense, I know in my heart what to do. Sometimes he puts you in uncomfortable positions to make you want to get out. But not this time. There was not discomfort, no uneasy feeling, just what I thought, was clarity.

But it’s not. Not this time.

See, here’s my dilemma. I’m in between what to do with my life RIGHT NOW. Not down the road. I know what God has for me down the road. This is just for now. I have a job that I love. The hours are not great, nor is the pay, but who cares?? When your in a “happy place” for the most part, all the time, you don’t question it. But then when the opportunity to have an actual career of something else that you love comes by, you want that too. I told my husband that I am to dedicated to, to many things, and therefore, I only want one job. Good pay or not. As long as I’m happy.

But what happens when your happy with both things. I got a taste of a career that I dream of, and I work at I place that I DO love.

Is God ever unclear? NO… we, as humans doubt or debate God when he speaks. The bible says that his voice is like THUNDER! And he does things that we will never understand. Yet, we think we understand and we know what’s best or whatever.

Anyways, God is speaking… I’m just having a hard time listening. Just because not only do I want what is best for me, but for my family as well.

Listening… we try, we fight about it, we contemplate it, we love it, we hate it… Listening is more then just hearing, BUT DOING. To make an effort to hear something. Effort… something done by exertion or hard work.

Listening takes effort, hard work, and an attempt to make sense of it all. And Doing something about it.

I’m listening, quitely, or loudly… how ever you see it… but I’m listening