Girl mom

I am a woman who grow up with only brothers and a cousin that was close enough to be a brother. So my whole life, I assumed I would therefore, ONLY have boys. I had dreams of boys and names and what they would look like. The thought of boys coming into my life first before having a girl was a must. Although I am the oldest, my brothers were (and are) very protective of me. I love that even still today. So I couldn’t imagine anything less when having my own children. Boys first and then *maybe* a girl…

Fast forward to Married life and we get pregnant with our first child, a girl. Thankfully, I already had the perfect name picked out for her and having a girl first soon passed my hopeful mind and I loved her the second we found out. But I will not lie, ever since then we have always tried and hoped for boys. All boys. The thought of having more then one girl was terrifying. I saw the drama growing up! The back stabbing and even silly arguments that girls had on a regular basis. I didn’t want that in my house. I just can’t deal!

Fast forward again, 2.5 years later and I become pregnant Again with yet, another girl.

I was devastated.

This was ruining every thing! I never wanted two girls. It scared the crap out of me with the amount of drama that was about to be had between them. I never thought of good things regarding raising only girls. I was terrified! After sister #1 became super attached to sister #2 (she even named her!), I came around to being “ok” with it and then I started praying HARD over her character and who she was going to be. Little did I know that baby girl #2 would be exactly what I needed in my life. My oldest is a daddy’s girl as well as super independent. Baby #2 was totally different. Not only did she look like her mama she really needed her mama. And still, to this day, she prefers her mama. She is the best cuddlier and she also is to dang cute to discipline. (That alone deserves it’s own blog post lol)

Soon after I had my 2nd baby I started “praying it in” for a boy. I figured if I made a plea early enough that God Would hear me and give me the desires of my heart. I even got to the place where I researched and studied just the right things (eh hum, sex stuff) I needed to do to INSURE I was going to get my boy. My heart yearned for a boy. I didn’t care how I was going to get one but this mama wanted one badly. 

After I turned 30, my body went thru some hormonal shifts and when we started trying for baby #3 it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. A few months went by with calculating just the right time and place and body temperature, to get my boy. Finally I threw in the towel and quickly became pregnant again with baby #3. 

So here we are. I am sure you are dying to know what happened. Did God answer my plea?? Did I finally get my boy???

Ladies and gents, we are having yet another beautiful baby girl.

So with that let’s get some questions out of the way.

1) Are you disappointed? Well, I bawled that night we found out. I called my parents in anger and pretty much shook my fist at God and said this isn’t fair. But now? Now I have such an overwhelming peace about it that it would take to long to type out and explain it. (But I would be happy to tell you in person :))

2) Are we going to “try” again for a boy? PEOPLE!!. Every. Single, baby. Was a “try” for a boy. Refer back to the beginning of this post and you will see. I am DONE-ZO! I feel very complete with 3 children and I just feel like physically I am done having more children. 

3) (insert look of shock and horror!) “oh man! Your poor husband!” – I don’t mean this to sound.. Harsh, but he is having another child and you feel BAD for him?! Yes 3 girls sounds daunting but have you seen my husband with his girls?? Literally one of the best men to raise a little girl. His heart is so tender towards them. Why yes girls can be financially… Demanding, but so can A boy so I hear.

Here are some things I am looking forward to with all girls. Raising woman in the kind of way I feel like woman should be. Independent and strong yet courteous and kind. Filled with virtue and wisdom while also being a good listener and a good friend. I know, without a doubt, God is giving me all girls for a purpose. The world is drastically changing. I want to play a small part in raising wonderful woman who just might conquer the world someday.

I am a girl mom. And I am damn proud of it.

The end 🙂

PS. She doesn’t have a name yet. Naming 3 girls is HARD!!

Random Facts about me!

When I relaunced my blog I wanted to share a new era of my life and the things that I love. I have had a lot of growing to do in this process and a lot of thinking (for lack of better words). I still want to launch a YouTube channel specific to women in the same place of life that I am in. And not just for mom’s but all woman. So I figured a great place to start (or restart) would be a little “get to know me” random facts that I have come up with.

Please enjoy my ramblings and I hope someone can relate! HA!

#1 – I love names!

      Yes. You read that correctly! I LOVE your name! Most specifically I love what your name means and where it came about. This probably started because I have a unique name myself and then once I started naming my own children I became very aware of the power a name has. I LOVE hearing what people are naming their babies and it’s a bonus when they know what it means. I challenge you that if you haven’t named any children yet, to look up the meaning and remember that most kids live up to their name 🙂

#2- I love make-up!

     Well, this IS what my blog and channel will mostly be about! Make-up and beauty products! However, my love for them started VERY early. I remember when I was fresh into my teen years and I wanted to wear make-up. My mom encouraged me to read books and magazines on how to do it properly because she wasn’t well versed in the make-up world and she said the only way I can wear it is if I did it right! I am SO GLAD she encouraged that and now look at me. I’m making it a hobby 🙂 P.S. come to my house and ask to see my make-up collection. Yes, COLLECTION! LOL!

#3 – I love dancing!

     If you have known me since high school this will come as no surprise to you. I was on our dance team for youth group (this was no normal church dance team :)) and I was at a dance academy since I was 4 years old! When I was 14 my homeschool teen group started taking ballroom dance lessons and by the time I was 16 I was doing competitions for it! I started teaching ballroom when I was 18 and sadly quit when I was pregnant with my first baby at 24. I am obsessed with dancing. Watching it gives me chills and I daydream about it on a regular basis. I have a playlist on my music titled “dance music” and even my oldest is very familiar with “mommy’s dance music”. I dance with my kids and I cry every time I watch the nutcracker because it reminds me of my childhood and now I get to experience it with my girls. Dance is a HUGE part of my life. I miss it terribly!!!!

#4 – I am addicted to YouTube!

     This is so funny to me because I was informed over the summer that this is the teenagers new form of entertainment. The kids don’t watch TV any more but they do watch random people on YouTube. Funny thing is, I TOTALLY GET IT!!!! People’s lives are so fascinating and they are teaching us about things that no tv show can do! I won’t go into all the details on who I follow or watch but I will tell you it’s mostly beauty guru’s with some funny people mixed in because I LOVE to laugh! (hello, Miranda Sings?!?)

#5 – I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up –

    ::sigh:: isn’t this the most common problem with people now-a-days?? I mean seriously. Even people that graduate with a degree end up in a field they didn’t plan on. I, unfortunately, don’t have a degree. I have 2 years of college under my belt but it’s in no way, enough to get me a job in a specific field. I wanted to be an elementary teacher waaaay back in the day, then a dance teacher (happened for a second), then an entrepreneur, then a professional singer, now I have a deep love for pregnant mama’s and would love to become a Doula, but I also LOVED working at a hotel and I LOVE event planning…. I mean, My list is HUGE! Right now though. My focus is my family. It’s what I have always wanted and I am so blessed. So… I’ll just keep daydreaming.

There are some other random facts that I am sure I could throw in there. Like, I love the color yellow and sunflowers. I LOVE summer time and would move south if I could convince my family to go with me. I am so easy to please that my ideal date is a yummy restaurant (not a chain!) and a movie! I love to cook and I love to be a host! But there are also deep things about me. Things I think would shock some people but for that, it will have to be another day. 

Thanks for reading these simple facts about myself. I hope that I can continue with this because I truly enjoy it. I just have to find time for it!

Have a great week my friends!


WTH??! I’m 30!!!!!!

The day is here my friends. I am no longer apart of the “young crowd”. I have officially caught up to those that considered me young and stumbled into my 30’s.

Honestly, It feels very unreal. I have always been the youngest in every group format of my life. I have also always FELT the youngest! Whether I didn’t understand jokes or it was the pure fact that everything went over my head. You would think that by now I would have a few lessons up my sleeve. Some grand story to tell about my 20’s but really, although a lot happened, I feel like I am just starting to learn! My vail of an ego lifted about 2 years ago and I started to realize that I REALLY didn’t know everything. I barely knew what it meant to be an adult. I had a small glimpse of what it meant to be responsible but all in all, now that I have it, it’s a dang JOB to think and act like a responsible adult!

In the past year I have been on this… for lack of better words, Journey, to really figure out who I am. What I stand for, what my beliefs are, what I want out of my life and to make sure that I am happy along the way. I have realized that I prioritized things that I shouldn’t have and put aside the things that actually really matter to me. I struggled with the thought that all I was, was a stay at home mom. I didn’t know what I had to offer if God forbid, my role had to change. Where would I work? What would my resume look like? I often cared about how people thought of me. If how they gossiped about me was how I envisioned it. Did they care or where they ruthless? I was recently talking to a good friend and I quickly realized that although I want to learn to be comfortable in who I am, I also want to be able to evolve and be better. Learn from the  mistakes that I make and grow into a better human being…. be a better friend. Growth is something that not everyone desires but in fact we could all use a little bit of it.

I also wonder what my girls think of me or how they will remember me. Did they see me love their daddy enough or do they remember more bickering? Do they feel loved enough that when we are apart they can still feel me kissing their cheek & whispering in their ears ‘I love you‘ ?  I want to be that leading example that I am called to be yet have a comfort in knowing I am doing my best and they will be just fine.

30 is hard, dang it. You think you know so much and then BAM! out comes this wisdom and you don’t know how to handle it. Quiet frankly I don’t want it! I don’t want to grow up knowing more responsibility comes with it. Once upon a time I was so looking forward to turning 21 and now I am so desperately wondering how I can get back to that. Redo a few things in my life that I messed up. All I keep wondering is… What the HELL WAS I THINKING?????

::deep sigh::

I really want to embrace my 30’s. I don’t really know what to do with it but nonetheless I want to do them justice. I am sure that the next 10 years I will have my chance to make mistakes and learn from them. In the same breathe my every bone desires to just walk in confidence… be brave. Honestly, I’m not there yet. There is comforting in knowing its coming though.

My poor husband… he has been oh so patient with this growing girl. A beautiful 5 year age gap is nothing to brag about as I have had so much to learn. God love him for sticking it out… hopefully he see’s some light now that its here. I have some amazing people in my life, too. People that are filled with grace and are willing to hold my hand (or slap it :)) and challenge me along the way.

So Cheers to my 30’s! I hope I make them proud…


{ Starting Point – Make-up 101 }

For me, starting this new adventure was to help other woman in ways that I know makes me feel more pulled together and more alive (at least for the day). With that comes many avenues of possibilities. For right now I want to start with the obvious. Make-up!

As I look back at my life in make-up I realized that I had a starting point. I didn’t go full face into a crap-load of make-up. I started small. Got the basics. Figured out what I liked and went from there. So, that’s where I am taking you! Back to the basics. Your starting point to figure out your make-up needs… and possibly don’t need.

No matter where you are at in life I think a little bit of make-up will do any woman some good. These are my personal starters and also a personal opinion. 🙂

NUMBER 1 – Foundation!
This has a wide range of meaning but it basically is the one thing that is a base for all of your make-up. It covers some flaws that you don’t want to show and makes for an even skin toned base. There are literally hundreds to choose from and my first pieces of advice I am going to tell you with is ALWAYS start with a budget. I think that foundation is one of those items that is worth spending more money on. Our face is a precious thing and if you are breaking out a lot or having an allergic reaction (rashes, infections…) you need to consider either A) no foundation or B) pay more for a foundation. I personally used to pay a lot for a mineral foundation (which I loved) but because I am a stay-at-home mama I need something that is more in my budget. I have combination skin so a liquid foundation is best for me. This specific item could be talked about forever and if you never shop for it then this could be a daunting task!! So many colors, brands, types… AH! One thing I ask is never test the color, for matching purposes, on your hand or wrist! ALWAYS test on your neck! Important, important.. ok next!

NUMBER 2 – Color correcting or Concealer
You really only need one. I prefer Maybelline’s anti-aging “eraser”. It covers my under eye discolorations and also any weird red spots I have going on. However, there are some really great palettes out there that have color correcting shades in it as well as flesh tones to match your skin in any season. I personally think you only need one to start. My personal favorite is taking my Eraser and using it without foundation just to cover spots to make sure I don’t freak people out when they see me! HA!

NUMBER 3 – Blush!
Yes, blush! Way back in the day I remember seeing woman walk around with foundation caked onto their face but have ZERO color on their cheeks! We don’t want to look dead ladies. We want to look radiant and maybe even like a tint of sun got to us. Blush is a wonderful thing! However, there are tons of colors out there. from hot pinks to browns, but not every color is right for you. There are some good mauve colors out there that I think almost any one could pull off. Start there! Cover girl carries great colors and they are affordable! Check those out and please, use it!

NUMBER 4 – Eye Shadow palette
This is going to be short and sweet. I will save you the time from looking at thousands of colors. Buy a quad palette (thats four) that is mostly browns ranging from light to dark. You may never ever use the dark but in time you might feel brave. Buy it, feel adventurous and maybe watch a few YouTube videos on how to use those colors 🙂

Number 5 – MASCARA!!
This. This my friends is my first thing that I ever bought and I have never looked back! It will change the way your eyes look! It will open them up and they will look so bright! It will fake people out to make them think you pulled yourself together even if all you did was put mascara on! Now, I know that for some of you, mascara may irritate your eyes and I totally understand. I have run into a few brands that do this. So here is my tip, Go to an actual make up store like Ulta and give them a price range and then your problems; allergic, redness, fall out, whatever! Ulta WILL except packages that have been opened and a tiny bit used because they care about finding something that works for you and that you love! Start with a price point, then find a brand you like, and then go from there. Yes, there are lots of labels out there that claim volume, or length, or stronger ect…. just try it on and if you think it looks funny then you are probably right! (unless you NEVER where mascara and you just aren’t used to the sight of your eyeballs standing out :)) Buy black. Not brown because it matches your hair color, but black. I could talk about this forever… I ❤ mascara

I could mention lipstick but I am very real in the fact that lipstick is a hard thing to get into. We talk, we eat, it moves every where and goodness, There are a million colors to choose from! I have just gotten brave in the last few years with lipstick and my lipstick collection is small compared to most (no… all) beauty guru's out there. I will however ask you to take care of those precious lips. For the sake of whoever you are kissing and for the fact that you deserve to take care of them! There are many chapsticks out there to suit your needs. Find one and tell me all about it! I personally love good ol' Vaseline! I wear it on my lips every night while I sleep! It's heaven (AND CHEAP)

Like I have said, and will say, many many times. This is just my personal opinion. My goal here today is to give you a new task that will help you feel more pulled together. Whether you go out and get all of these things or just venture into a few, I hope it gives you a confidence boost!

Do something for you today!
Until then. I'll see you at Naptime ~

Consumers World

My thoughts on the world of consumer products and beyond are very vague. I love them. I will not deny this. But I also see the harm in them. Making us feel like we are not enough… that we aren’t pretty without this or that product. Or that this one tool is the secret to the best face, hair or skin.

I am here to PROTEST that this is all lies!

The only thing to make you feel good is YOU! You have the power to claim that you will feel good however you see fit. Whether you are a make-up free girl or a care free hair girl, I say ROCK ON! I personally feel my best with make up on and my hair pulled together. Some people feel better with just mascara on but their hair perfectly placed. We all fall on a different scale of what we see as “our best”.

My whole point to this blog is to lead you and guide you in a budget friendly world of make up, hair products, skin care and new trends (or old ones because I can’t seem to let go of them :)) I also want to empower you to take care of yourself without feeling guilty!

I personally LOVE shopping for new make up. I can’t stand taking it home and just letting it sit! I have to open it and “play”. I also love getting a small sample of a new face mask and getting into the tub and letting it sit with my favorite candle lit and just soaking. And with every step of pampering myself I don’t feel the least bit guilty! And you shouldn’t either. There are so many good products out there that are under $10 that need to be discovered by the 24/7 mom, the hard working woman, the single parent, the not so young mom but wants her youth back…. EVERY ONE could benefit from a good product that makes them feel better.

So I would love to hear from YOU!! What is something you want to know more about? What do you want to read or get tips on? I have a personal list but I want to know from you, what would benefit you most!

See you at naptime,

PS. Keep up with this blog! I already have a give away for the next post!

{ The new me }

So here it is. The start of a new beginning. Something that I have wanted to do for a long time and something I feel passionate about.

What’s that, you say?


Taking care of ourselves! Learning to love YOU again. That girl that was once confident needs a face lift and it’s time ladies! Time to rise up to the occasion and say to yourself DANG IT! I deserve to go buy that make up product that I have been staring at and be brave enough to try it! I may not have all of my life figured out but at least I can say I wore a beautiful lipstick while trying!

I have debated on what to do with my blogging life. There are so many things out there available to someone to talk about. The most obvious, I’m a mom. Sure it’s only been 5 years in the making but I feel like I have a few things to offer to the world. Ha! Also, I love to cook. I love to be crafty… I love to sing and dance…

But lets be honest. There are SOOOOO MANNNNNNYYYYYY blogs out there that any mom can find if you really truly need advice. Also, I feel like advice like that, if not spoken well (or if you don’t care that people will cyber-punch you in the face) can be taken to so many levels and really, I have no time for controversy. I am trying to live my life too!!! If my best girlfriend wants to know how I really feel about a certain subject then pick up the phone.. actually text, you will have a better chance of “hearing” me instead of a toddler screaming in the background.

But really Ladies. What I truly deeply love to talk about that I feel like most woman don’t is; Make-up products, how to do our hair, great nail polish or hand creams, face masks and amazing body scrubs. Maybe I’ll even find my passion for purses and clothes once again!

I use to say all the time that my girls are better dressed and more pulled together then I am! SOMETHING IS SO WRONG WITH THAT! I want to feel good about myself. It’s time that we CARE! Not care about what other people think but care about how you feel about yourself. I don’t care if you are a size 2 or 22. I don’t care if you have porcelain white skin or carmel brown skin! This blog is for you! Learn new tips and tricks for quick make-up. Learn about the new and hot skin care routines or maybe a cheap way out of them.

Come on, women-who-are-tired-and-ready-for-change! My goal is to produce a blog just for you and give you products that are ACCESSIBLE, not just ready to find at Target (or what I like to call, MOM HEAVEN) but on a budget! Say Whaaa? Most beauty bloggers and Youtube’rs talk about high fashion and products I only dream about being able to afford. But I come to offer you hope! Hope that yes, you can try out that awesome red lipstick that won’t get all over your face and only spend $5!! I also want to share with you tricks that I have come to find like facial care products and bath soaks. Or Nail products to make your hand worth showing off even polish free!

I am sure this blog will be taken all over the place as I try to find my place in this blogging/Youtube world. I will be learning as I go because I am obviously no expert. But this is how people get started! Learning as we go and its time I stop waiting!! Especially before someone else steps in and does it.

My goal is to post once a week about anything and everything but NOTHING to do with mom advice or kid advice. My personal goal this year is to be confident again. Whether or not I loose those 20 pounds, I want to know that I can pull myself together and still be proud of who I am.

See you at Naptime~

Disclaimer -If you don’t like wearing make up, don’t like wearing certain clothes, or think that I am doing this for vanity reasons then this blog is NOT for you. See, my own personal struggles have been a struggle long enough. I have found peace in who I am and my only hope is for others to do the same. but I do have to admit… If I encourage you at all to take better care of yourself whether that be a better shampoo or a colored chapstick, then I have done what I feel I was set out to do. The end

I Heart Aldi’s

If you know me, whether we are close are not, you are probably very aware of the fact that I am a huge supporter of the food market called Aldi’s.

About 8 years ago you would have never found me stepping foot inside of an Aldi’s because they had a reputation about being for more of the low income families. They were always placed in an area that you didn’t want to step foot in if you didn’t live there. My mom had talked about it and so did my mother-in-law. In fact, my mother in law shopped there when she was running a daycare in her home! But soon into my marriage Aldi’s opened up a new store on the Northeast side of Fort Wayne where a new business development was going in. Becoming a stay at home mom forced me to start looking for ways to save money and I HATE clipping coupons! So into Aldi’s I went! My first shopping trip opened my eyes to a world of savings and cutting my grocery bill in half but keeping my long list in tact. Now living in Westfield the closest aldi’s to me is in Noblesville and because of how much money it saves me, I refuse to shop anywhere else! But today, Aldi’s opened up a new location in the Westfield/Carmel area and I am sooooo excited! And now why you are seeing this long blog post.

I am not writing you this post to tell you what to buy because lets be honest, we all like different things. There are things at Kroger that I wouldn’t buy like say… a can of sardines, so why would i buy them at Aldi’s?? If you are curious how I feel about a particular item though I would be happy to tell you 🙂

7 things to know before you go:

1) Take a quarter for your cart and save it IN your car! To some people this might be considered a small inconvenience but in all reality its just another way to save money at Aldi’s. This is preventing paying people to go fetch carts in the parking lot as well as making people (you) walk it back to the cart line to retrieve that quarter. This ALSO saves your car from those horrible stranded carts in the parking lot that always end up in the middle of nowhere.

2) Take your own bags – Aldi’s will have boxes randomly throughout the store if you forget and also have bags for purchase if you need but taking your own bags and the store NOT bagging them is another way Aldi’s helps you save money. I actually prefer to bag my own groceries and I love having reusable bags anyway.

3) If you are a brand specific person this may shock you – Aldi’s carries zero brand specific items unless they have a special buy and if they do, more then likely its not as cheap because you can’t use coupons at Aldi’s. But never fear!!! Aldi’s brands are just as good if not better then your brands that you are crazy about. Aldi’s does special buys all the time. Christmas time you will see a ton of toys from disney, legos and other brands you are familiar with. Sometimes the price is comparable or better. You will also see this with random food items. I hardly ever buy name brand at Aldi’s because this is the one area they are not that cheap in. They also do NOT PRICE COMPARE OR TAKE COUPONS. This is very important to remember. But like I said, I stand by the majority of their own brand items because they are just as good IF not better 🙂

4) Produce NOT by weight – When you go shopping at aldi’s you will notice that all produce items are individually priced and bagged. Aldi’s has pre-weighed everything for you therefore you are paying PER ITEM (package) and not by weight. This is a huge deal and where you will see a ton of savings!

5) Warehouse style – one thing that might be a surprise on the eyes is the way things are displayed. After shopping there for 5 years, I no longer notice it but everything is left in their boxes that they were shipped in. The boxes were specially designed for visibility; so they look appealing and so that the Aldi’s employees spend less time restocking shelves and therefore making yet another way Aldi’s helps YOU save money.

6) Aldi’s employees get paid well and for good reason! – They are trained to run every single part of your store! The only thing they don’t handle is the buying and that is run thru a manager. So when you see one stocking, and then helping someone and then running to the front to check you out, just know they are working so hard to make every part of the store function.

7) Gluten free and Organic- Over the last few years Aldi’s has been testing and bringing in these specific items knowing that the need for them has exploded. Try them!! They are so good and the prices are far below most name brand specific items. Just remember; if your store is trying something new and it’s gone for a few weeks, make sure you talk about it to the manager and remind them to purchase more. Aldi’s only keeps things in stock that are sold the most or the most popular. (another way they are saving you money!) So if you loved those GFree wraps and they aren’t being restocked, put in a friendly note to Aldi’s and if enough people buy it continuously, they will keep it in stock!

I am, and will forever be, Aldi’s biggest fan. Yes sometimes I run into a problem with a product where it is no longer good but I have had that problem at a big grocery store! If you have had one bad experience at Aldi’s give it another chance. Once you save 50% on your grocery bill without having to give up anything on your list, you will become a fan just like me.

Happy shopping,


My favorite go-to meals

Being a stay at home mama of two, very busy, little girls, I have found that easy recipes are a MUST in my house! Now, I love to cook! Love love love it!! I am even that annoying person that plans every meal and loves to go shopping for all of the food. But these past few weeks I have been adjusting to our new summer schedule and it is throwing me through a loop!! I have little to no time to get food ready and by the time I remember to prep anything it’s already to late.

I figured I wasn’t alone in this weird battle of time, so I thought I would share some of my EASY no brainer, meals with no fancy names!

1) spaghetti squash and meatballs In the crock pot: are you ready for this one?! One spaghetti squash cut in the middle (not cut long ways) seeds out, one package of frozen meatballs (Italian is our fav and I LOVE the ones from trader joes!), and one jar of your favorite go to pasta sauce. Put a little bit of sauce at the bottom of your crock pot, place squash cut side down, dump meatballs all around, pour the rest of the sauce on top of meat balls, cover and let cook on low for 5 hours! Ta-da!!! I have found that this is the BEST way to get spaghetti squash so tender!! It’s totally yum and my girls gobble it up!

2) shrimp and broccoli – first of all, you may want to prep your shrimp ahead of time if they are not deveined or shell off. Set aside. cut up broccoli and pour olive oil, salt and pepper and about a teaspoon of cumin on top. Mix well in a bowl and then dump on a cookie sheet. Cook at 425 for about 10 minutes. While your broccoli is cooking, put your shrimp in a bowl and squeeze half of a lemon on top, add salt and pepper to taste. Now, pull out the broccoli and dump the shrimp on the sheet and cook everything together for another 10 minutes! I take this and eat over a bed of rice! But THIS is my favorite blend!!

3) Stromboli!! – if you have not discovered this wonderfulness then NOW is your time!! You can easily buy a pack of already made pizza crust but I like to make my own in one big batch and freeze some for later. Roll out pizza crust long ways (not your typical pizza shape) and layer any and all favorite toppings! We do ham, pepperoni, sausage crumbles and then 2 different cheeses. Normally whatever I have on hand but NEVER the “American cheese” squares In film. You will want good cheese for this. Go to your deli counter and get 3-4 slices of 2 kinds. Trust me, it’s cheaper! We do not add sauce because honestly, it doesn’t need it. Roll up your Stromboli long ways into a log shape and then seal up! I like to cover the top of my Stromboli with olive oil and sprinkle garlic powder and Italian seasonings on it! Follow the directions on your crust package for how long and how high to cook it. For my pizza crust it’s 425 for about 20 minutes. Cut out slices and serve with something lite like fruit and veggies.

These are just a few of our favorite meals that I am sure my husband will be sick of soon enough.

Tell me some of your favorite go-to meals for this summer!

Random thought Series: #1

Random thought series: #1


I have a lot of random things that I think about and so I thought it would only be appropriate to just start a series of sorts. Sometimes they may be something worth reading and other times its a good excuse for me to talk about it.


Let’s begin…


Random thought #1:




Yes. This is a common theme amongst all gyms.

I don’t care if you go to the best gym in town where everyone knows everyone.

You still feel like people are sizing you up.

You still feel the stares.


So. You start to fix your hair. Pull your shirt down or look at yourself in the mirror examining every single part to make sure there is nothing they can make fun of you for.


Are you just beginning? Well, Don’t get on that treadmill next to the 5’5, 115lb girl that is running like a BEAST! Her hair is still perfect even though it is dripping in sweat and she probably still smells good! ::gah!::


Then there is me. I walk in with one kid on my hip, one kid pulling me inside because her hunky dad is lifting weights and has been for soooo long that people are STILL teasing him about the arms (a.k.a. “guns”) that he carries around. People look at this mess I called “pulled together” with my dirty hair pulled back, no make up and I look like I should sleep for a few days!


I jump on the elliptical and turn on the best dance music I can find because that’s what motivates me. I get into a zone and all of the sudden I start thinking to myself. (because you know, once the kids are gone and you can actually think to yourself for once, this DOES happen)


Everyone has their own journey. I look at some of the girls that are so beautiful and I don’t look at them like they are competition but instead admire them. Who knows why they are here? Maybe they have a personal goal set to run 5 miles. It might even be a deeper issue for them that no one knows about? What about those teens that are working out? I always wonder why they are there. When I was a teen you would have never caught me in a gym! Are they working hard to be a better football player? Maybe a coach told them they couldn’t be on a team this year but to ‘bulk up a little’ and maybe, just maybe.. they will be considered. Maybe there are some woman there that yes, they look like they got it all together but in real life. They don’t. The gym is their only outlet.


Or maybe. They’re a mom just like me. Their goals aren’t huge but they just want to see some change. They just want to do this one thing for themselves and going to the gym is that thing.


I am no pro at the gym. It is so easy to feel so self conscience about the people around you. I challenge you the next time that you go to just smile at the people around you. Whether you are a pro at the gym or you have 100lbs to lose. Everyone is there for their own personal reason. Keep saying to yourself “good for them!” and smile.


Smiling is my favorite 🙂



Confessions of a Foodie

Foodie: Slang (from the World Dictionary)

noun – a person having an enthusiastic interest in preparation and consumption of good food.


I have recently started referring to myself as a “foodie”.

Not because I think I am a food ADDICT but I just solely LOVE food!

I love everything that surrounds food. I love cooking, I love hosting parties, I love company, I love trying new things, I love to travel and eat their food, I love cookbooks, I love how food brings everyone together and good conversations come from that. Don’t hate me but I even LOVE to grocery shop!!! ::GASP::

I don’t have a favorite dish because I have come to love it all.

Appetizers, simple lunches, fresh food from the market, gourmet meals, decadent desserts and a simple homemade meal from my mama. All of these things make me happy.

I didn’t start this new journey of eating healthy to rid myself of all of this food goodness. That’s something that I am hoping to learn in the midst of all of this is how to still enjoy my food and everything that comes with it and still live a healthy and full life.

My mom stated on my Facebook page well, “I just want to be a healthier version of myself”

I’m not out to be someone else or have the same goals as this person or that. I want to live a FULL life and for me that involves food.

I have decided that I will set a goal for myself that by my birthday (May 19th) that I want to fit back into my smaller jeans and not be so tired all the time. I want to lose 15-20 pounds by then and just feel happy with myself. I just don’t want to drive myself crazy with the thought of food hanging over my head. I don’t want to be a friend that people don’t feel like they can’t hang out with because I’m on a crazy diet, heck for that matter I just don’t want them to feel awkward around me. I want to be invited to that coffee shop or even that awesome bakery downtown. I am still ME! I am still that foodie. I am still cooking for me and for my friends. I can still be my normal food loving self all while I cook a lavish dinner for my husband or go to that new restaurant with friends.

Sure all of this change comes with some restrictions. Like I said, this is a LIFE change, nothing temporary. So with that my foodie side needs to fit into my healthy side.

I haven’t read any of Bethenny Frankle’s books but she has a quote that I try to (notice I say try) when it comes to enjoying food…

“taste everything but eat nothing” – basically this applies to when you are at a party. When you see all of this glorious food before you you taste it but you don’t devour it. (i.e. going back for seconds or thirds). You’re at a birthday party and you want cake, take one bite or two but thats it. I love this philosophy for myself. I tend to be happy with just that one bite and with Bethenny’s thoughts on this is once you have tasted everything the calorie intake will be about the same as a full meal. (side note: you are an adult and I shouldn’t have to tell you that this doesn’t mean if its a dessert bar you fill your plate. Let’s be real about this…)

With all of this being said I also want to say thank you to every single person that has reached out to me. You have offered so much help, tips, services, guidance and just flat out love. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I want to say this cause I know a lot of people can relate but, this ain’t my first rodeo… I wish it was. I wish this was my first time battling out this weight loss thing and that I was clueless with what to do. Unfortunately, since before kids I have felt that I needed to lose weight. No, no one has told me that I needed too but its just a personal struggle that I have had. I can’t believe that before my wedding day I was trying to lose weight. Now, my wedding weight is currently my goal weight…

I know what to do. The knowledge is there. I know what I should and shouldn’t eat. I know how to work out and the studying I have done on this matter over the last 4 years is stupid! I told my friend that I should be a freaking model by now! HA!

But alas, I love food. I love everything that involves food. So my goal over the next few months is to embrace my love of food, make things healthier, still have friends over and still be a foodie.